A breast pump is designed to remove milk from the breast of mothers, so that can be collected in a bottle. This collected milk can either be immediately fed to the baby or be stored in various containers or storage bags. Most of the mothers opt for hand-expression method to remove milk, but depending upon how often you need, it would be much easier and safer to use a pump instead.

You must consider a well-built pump for removing breast milk when you:

  • Want to provide the milk to your child when you are outside working
  • Want to pull up the inverted or flat nipples that affect the structure of breasts
  • Want to release the pain and pressure associated with engorgement
  • Want to supply milk for a baby that is adopted
  • Want to increase the optimal supply of breast milk

No matter what the reason might be, most of the moms who are breastfeeding prefer to have pumps as their ultimate functional tool. But, what kind of pump should you choose or which one will be suitable in accordance to your needs?

Read ahead to know more about the different kinds of breast pumps and their features::

What Are The Different Kinds of Breast Pumps?

There are many types of pumps available in the market and these can be broadly classified into four types and they are:

  • Manual Pumps: The manual pumps, just as the name suggests is something that mothers can operate using their hand. You will however have to squeeze the trigger button and then slide them back & forth to remove milk. These pumps are smaller than other versions and turn out to be a cost-effective solution too. They are ideally meant for occasional or short-term breast pumping.
  • Electric Pumps: If you tend to use pumps more frequently, then the breast pump electric would be a good choice. These pumps are more powerful and stronger than usual pumps and can be used to maintain, establish and increase the supply of milk. Further, they are efficient too and this saves your time too.
  • Battery Pumps: The battery pumps are generally meant for those mothers who utilize pumping only once a day. These are not as stronger as electric pumps, but are good enough to stimulate milk for removal. Such pumps are usually portable, small and can be used in an effortless manner.
  • Bulb-Styled Pumps: The pumps that come up with a bulb style tend to use suction power for removing milk from the breast. Due to the shape of the pumps, these are also referred as bicycle horn pumps.
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