A hermetic connector is a special MIL connector that combines glass-to-metal or other advanced engineered material for preventing the ingress of liquid, air and gases to vacuum sealed connectors in harsh environments. There are different types of hermetic connectors available, and each of them serve varied applications based on requirements specific to:

  • High voltages
  • High current
  • Extreme temperature
  • High pressure
  • Corrosion conditions

On an average, standard connectors are capable of withstanding a pressure of about 10,000 psi or even more, depending on their core contact material. For example, the contacts of a electrical component can be created from iron, nickel, copper or aluminum, while plated with this technology for achieving a superior and efficient system. In addition that, the connectors remain stable in temperature beyond 200 degree Celsius and are able to resist against the damages that are trigged due to vibrations.

Know The Importance of Hermetic Connectors

The connectors are crucial for maintaining system integrity in various applications, where performance and reliability of the connectors matter like areas that are prone to high pressure or gas tight barriers. There are many reputable companies out there that feature hermetic connector plating according to the requirements that you have. With this, you can customize specific features of the connector so that they are to remain at their best even in hostile conditions.

Some of the common variants of these connectors include:

  • Hermetic vacuum connectors
  • Hermetic subsea connectors
  • Hermetic filtered connectors
  • Hermetic M12 connectors
  • Hermetic rectangular connectors

Things To Know When Customizing Hermetic Connectors

If you are planning to customize the specifications of hermetic connector then there are certain things you must be aware of:

  • Consider the number of conductors needed for accommodating the system or any form of future developments that you have in your mind, as the connectors that you select should comply with your growth provisions.
  • Based on type of medium (for instance, water, vacuum or oil) there might be differential pressure to look after. The glass-to-metal sealing (GTMS) with hermetic plating is carried out in multi-pin for individual beads of glass.
  • If there are any particular requirements that you have such as printed circuit board (PCB) and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) then make sure that you mention the same before selecting a certified company.
  • Most of the reputable companies offer diverse range of plating options like tin, nickel, chromium and a lot more. Here, you customize the plating to ensure that it satisfies the expectations that you have from the connector.

There are innumerable applications of a hermetic connector that revolving from computers, satellites, missiles to launch vehicles and satellites, but choosing the right connector can make all the difference.

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