Yes, Pickleball is a name of a sports that is considered the fastest growing games in United States. This game was invented about 50 years ago by a congressman named Joel Pritchard who lived in Baindridge Island with his family. In this short time this game has gained enough recognition than any other games in the history.

Pickleball is a combination of tennis, badminton and table tennis. So the rules and equipments are closely resemble to these games. However, a pickleball paddle is more like a big Ping-Pong paddle. The winning and losing in a game is mostly depended on the paddle. This guide will help you select the best pickleball paddle 2020 on the market.

The pickleball Paddle

When you see a pickleball paddle for the first time, you may think it’s a paddle tennis that have no holes in it or a huge pink-pong paddle.
Pickleball paddle is made of material that is rigid and not flexible. The surface of paddle has no holes. The surface is shiny enough to reflect sunlight, therefore blind the opponent.

At the beginning pickleball paddles used to be made of wood, currently most of the rackets are using composite or graphite, thanks to modern technology. The era of wooden paddle is long gone, although they are cheap in price. Graphite paddle are getting more popularity as they are more powerful and lighter than wooden paddle.
Normally a pickleball paddle lasts for one year if you use it on a regular basis. While occasional player’s paddle can last for many years.

As for its dimensions, the sum of length and width should not be more than 60.96 cm. normally it measures 20.32 cm wide and 40 cm long.

There are no official measurement of the thickness and weight of the paddle. But have a look in following table, I try to outline the advantages and disadvantages between a heavy and a light paddle:


Advantages: They have greater shooting power
Less effort to hit
Cushion the ball
Disadvantages: It can cause injuries
Less control
You get tired before

Advantages: Better ball control
Greater maneuverability
Less stress to the body
Disadvantages: Lower shooting power
You need to hit harder
Hard to return strong shots
The parts of pickleball Paddle
1. The nucleus
2. Surface or face
3. Edge protection
4. The hilt

The nucleus

The core of the pickleball paddle is known as nucleus that can be made up of numerous materials such as:

Wood: The wooden composite paddles tend to be heavier in comparison to other materials. It is designed by several layers of wood.

Polymer: Usually comes in honeycomb design or hexagonal structure that makes it sturdier and resistant to impacts. It is one of the most popular materials used in manufacturing picleball paddles. It provides good touch, power and it is silent. So it is an ideal paddle if you don’t want to disturb the neighbors.

Aluminum: It also has a honeycomb or hexagonal design. It is also light, resistant and ensure comfortable touch with the ball.

Nomex: It is made by a heat resistant resin. They are not proved as handy or interesting components while playing. As a reason, these types of rackets fail to attract players.

Compound: As the name implies it contains several materials such as carbon fibers, resins and glass fibers.
Having a paddle made of the best material does not guarantee a permanent lifespan of this. Longevity of a paddle depends on various factors such as how many times it is used, how it is being used and what it is being used for. If you want to become a competitive player, don't hesitate to acquire a new one that can help you play with full potential.
Surface or face

Generally the face with the graphite material are the most popular. Nothing is perfect, each of the materials mentioned above has its own advantages and disadvantages, and it is the comfort of the player who decides. Some materials that can be composed are:
Wood: surface made only of wood.
Graphite: face made of graphite. It has good power and touch.
Polycarbonate: surface with synthetic resin. It is light and durable.
Composite: face formed by a mixture of glass fibers and graphite.

Edge protection

This protection wrapped around the front edge of the blade where it is necessary. As the name suggests, protect the edges of the core and the face of paddle. Another reason of adding edge protection is to add some extra weight for achieving more power.

It is also necessary to dampen blows against the ground, for those players who have a bad day playing a game and their frustration needs to be released it in some way.
The Handle

The handle have an ergonomic design that helps in dampening and absorbing impacts. It is usually covered with a grip to absorb sweat. By absorbing sweat the grip facilitate quick movement of wrist in the time of competitive games.

When it wears out, change the grip instead of changing the blade.

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