Strabismus, which is also at times known as squint eyes or misalignment of the eyes is a vision disorder where both the eyes are not aligned normally. Surgery is often the last recommendation given by the squint eye specialists in Mumbai when they believe the eye conditions aren’t curable with alternate non-invasive treatments. In today’s article, we have briefly discussed on details of squint eye surgery and what to expect pre, during, and post eye surgery. But, let us first understand why is surgery recommended for some patients?
Need of a squint eye surgery
As mentioned earlier, squint eye surgery is often recommended when the conditions seem to be a little severe. The surgery is performed on the eye muscles to align and adjust the way the muscles rotate the eyes. This way the ophthalmologist attempts to restore the normal alignment of the eyes. This would in turn also enhance the vision, depth perception, and the overall quality of life of people. The surgery can benefit anyone be it performed on a child or an adult. There is no age bar for performing squint eye surgery on a person. A pediatric ophthalmologist in Mumbai performs surgery only at accredited eye surgical centers that are safe and hygienic. Let us move on to learn about the preparation for squint eye surgery to understand the process better.
Preparing for the squint eye surgery in Mumbai
Before Surgery:
• The patient will have to undergo a pre-operative assessment which will involve simple tests to check whether or not they are fit to undergo the operation.
• You will then be advised by the squint eye surgeon about the dates and time of the procedure and food and water intake restrictions before the surgery.
• You will also be advised and given precautionary measures to be taken before the surgery.
During the surgery
• The surgery performed by the squint eye surgeon in Mumbai is done under general anesthesia.
• Local anesthetic eye drops are used to numb the eye and the surgery on the muscles is accordingly performed.
• Again the procedure of surgery often takes less than an hour.
• It is also important to note that the person on whom the surgery is performed will be discharged on the very same day.
• It can take several weeks to fully recover from squint surgery.
• Your doctor will advise you about the care to be taken post the surgery for a quick recovery.
• Generally, patients are allowed to read or watch TV and carry out other daily activities as soon as they feel comfortable.
• However, there would be certain activities that the doctor may ask the patients to avoid for a few days or for some time. This would include
o Not to drive for at least a day or two or for longer if you have double vision
o Keep away soap or shampoo from entering your eyes when washing your face
o One may be asked to avoid sports like swimming for two to four weeks.
o Avoid using make-up close to the eyes for a few weeks.
o The child shouldn’t play in the sand or use face paint for few weeks
o Avoid using contact lenses for the eyes or consult with your doctor on the same.
While these are some of the most common advice offered by a most squint eye surgeon in Mumbai, there would be other sets of advice too that the doctor may recommend.

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