Virtual currencies have been around for several decades. However, their boom started in the 2000s. It is defined as a currency that is unregulated and issued and controlled by developers who made it. Moreover, it is accepted and used amongst the members of the community only. Now it has several new tools like a bitcoin mixer and bitcoin blender.

By this broad definition, a lot of stuff would qualify as virtual currency. The in-game currencies are also referred to as virtual currencies. It is illegal to trade them however several black markets deal with them. However, other games promote such activities. They exchange legal tenders for in-game currencies.

All the currencies that are used in the world are centralized. However, virtual currencies don’t have any legal tender. Yet they are accepted and agreed upon by all parties. They are as acceptable as paper money and bank transfers. The arrival of bitcoin had a lot of impacts in this regard. This, in turn, leads to the formation of a bitcoin mixer and bitcoin blender.

A brief history

Crypto currencies make use of cryptographic functions. They are used in their transaction; moreover, it also limits the number of them that can be generated. It is because of this that they are referred to as crypto currencies. Bitcoin was the first decentralized crypto currency. It was not the first crypto currency yet it is most well-known.

A public ledger known as block chain is used by bitcoin instead of the centralized ledger. Any transaction made is transferred to privately operated nodes. They operate bitcoin software and verify and process all the transactions in groups that are referred to as blocks. A record of these blocks is kept by the nodes.

All the information about the transaction and ownership is processed, saved, and distributed. Because of this nature, all the transactions block chains, and wallets can be viewed easily online. There are specific websites that can be approached in this regard. The supply of bitcoins is increasing with time. It is because the miners are rewarded with bitcoins.

They have rewarded the bitcoins in form of newly created bitcoins and transaction fees. A proof of work has to be met by the network if the temper is to flow. To put it simply it is not an easy process and it takes too long to be completed. However, the double-checking of the task is done in a very short time.

The SHA-256 hashing algorithm is used in the case of bitcoin as proof of work. It is constrained only by the speed of the CPU. Due to this people have moved to make mining farms that are used to mine bitcoins.


Bitcoin is the most well-known cryptocurrency and has the highest market capitalization. However, it is not the only crypto currency in the world. There are a lot of others that are challenging bitcoin at the moment.


Currency code: BTC

They have the public record and all the transactions can be viewed online

The SHA-256 algorithm is used as proof of work currency


Currency code: ETH

Blockchain is based on a decentralized virtual machine called EVM

At the moment they use proof of work currency however they have plans to move to proof of stake currency


Currency code: XRP

It has a decentralized transaction network and can be used with any other currency to do transactions

Currently being employed by international banks as it is more secure and less expensive than traditional methods of transaction

It has a closed source

It requires proof of work with no facility for mining

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