This was Delhi-Noida-transition Ghaziabad's to modern life, which was just the Gurgaon purchasers' privilege until then. In this market, the majority of Mayur Vihar residents were exposed to modern urban accommodation like the club, swimming pool and other high-end amenities in IP Extender and adjacent areas in Delhi. Until then, only the plotted projects had served other residents of Noida and Ghaziabad and the only amenity apartment was presented here.

History Of Indirapuram
Welcome to Indirapuram! It is a national road 24 property market in the Uttar Pradesh district of Ghaziabad. However, the location of Delhi, Noida and Ghaziabad has the equidistance advantage. Founded in 1996 in the early 2000s in the property sector, homebuyers flocked to this micro-market of Indirapuram real estate.

Tanveer Alam, an agent, remembers how people began selling houses, which were mostly cooperative housing companies, public housing and construction projects. All wanted here to buy an apartment and use the kind of facilities that used to be an exclusive luxury in Delhi-NCR for the high-end homebuyers of Gurgaon.

"Indirapuram is best accomplished because, even though it was a part of Ghaziabad, it was never like the rest of Ghaziabad. As the government decided to show it as Delhi's future, law and order are as good as Delhi. In addition, unlike other competing district property markets such as Vaishali, Vasundhara or Kausambi, it was a planned development area," Tanveer explains.

The rapid growth in the micro sector-led however to an inorganic increase in the position in which the burden on infrastructure now pays off. Indirapuram today can easily be assumed to hit its saturation point – price point, population density, infrastructure burden and possible future growth. The housing cost of Rs 2,000 per cubic foot was initially reached Rs 3,000 per square feet in 2008, while the barrier of Rs 6,000 is now being tackled.

Hawaii’s CEO Nikhil Hawelia agrees not that Indirapuram has hit its height of saturation – in terms of both price and new launches. Surrounded by Delhi's capital area, 'Noida' manufacturing hub and a convenient connection to many national highways, it is a convenient address for its inhabitants. Indirapuram has emerged as a suburban town near the capital, due to the saturation of land supply in Delhi.

"It is right that this region once saw a glorious reputation as one of the hot investing and value destinations on earth. However, the plain titled Indirapuram land is not readily available in the current market situation. The price point is already saturated in terms of the land and is less anticipated to rise further in the immediate future. But, as the demand and supply curve is at the edge of demand, houses and buildings could have a further increase in prices," Hawelia said.

Advantages Of Indirapuram

  • Indirapuram was Ghaziabad's first planned development with a good mix of residential, business, retail and hospitals.
  • Parallel to NH 24, Delhi, Ghaziabad, Noida, Gurgaon and Faridabad provide a seamless link.
  • The extension of NH 24 to 14 lanes on the pastry for the property market of Indirapuram.

Most regional analysts agree that the property value is stable from the point of view of other facilities and amenities, such as commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, malls etc. The population in this area has increased remarkably at present, but the total infrastructure of the region to support it is not sufficient to evolve. This is the only worry and worrying aspect that determines the fate of Indirapuram.

Final Words
These issues should be addressed and corrected by the respective authorities and government departments to ensure that this area is kept up in future. The residential market of Indirapuram also enjoys close proximity to upcoming hubs such as Noida, Siddharth Vihar, Greater Noida West, etc. that offer better infrastructural planning.

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