Human beings are social animals who crave attention and love. All our activities revolve around the aim of getting accepted and admired. Relationships play a very crucial role in our lives and we completely depend on our relationships for our happiness. One’s relationship with their family, friends or significant other affects their disposition to a great extent. However, one association which has the biggest role to play in an individual’s life is with their significant other. Our spouses are the ones we vow to spend our entire lives with, and if that relationship turns sour, everything seems to go downhill. A strong bond between spouses gives strength to overcome any hurdle and battle all the problems that come our way. The vital significance of this bond is the reason more and more people are realising the need of relationship counsellors and marriage coach.

What causes relationships to fall apart?
The reason relationships and most marriages fail these days is that we cannot see our partners as humans who are equally flawed as ourselves. Our notions about love relationships and marriage have been contaminated by the fictional world of books and movies. We see our partners as perfect individuals- a knight in shining armours sent down for us. However, this is far from reality. Our partners are as much flawed with imperfections as anyone else. As time passes, we realise that they are not all that perfect as we initially perceived them to be. It is obvious we will get disappointed and upset just like our partners are at time disappointed in us.

The realisation that this is the truth of life and we have to be a team in accepting each other’s imperfections and love each other regardless, is the secret to successful relationships. Unfortunately for most people, this realisation comes a little later when a lot of damage has been done. Relationship and marriage coaches help us see our partners as imperfect individuals who love us despite our flaws. They motivate us to fight all odds, accept each other and to love the relationship that we have with our partners. We have happy and sad times, there will be times when we would laugh and thank God for blessing us with our partners, but there will also be times when we cannot see eye to eye when we would make each other cry, but a relationship is all of that. A relationship is made of happy and gloomy times, so we must accept each obstacle as a phase and not as an end.

Why are relationship coaches important?
Relationship coaches help us rediscover why we fell in love with our partners. They help us communicate and resolve our problems. It is a marriage coach who makes couples realise that relationship or marriages are not confined to just the honeymoon phase, rather it is supporting each other in lows and sharing their lives. Hiring a marriage coach enables couples to effectively tackle the struggles that come their way and nurture their relationship. To seek love and marriage counselling one must first acknowledge their hardships and have a desire to mend their ways.

Individuals who love relationships or their marriage but feel suffocated in it should seek counselling to effectively manage their indifferences. It is effective because when an outsider gives insight and their views, both the partners know it is the truth and no one gets offended. Rather they take it seriously as advice coming from an expert and work on it. These experts provide a plan or strategy personalised for each client to save their relationship.

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