Blood sugar indicates towards the level of glucose inside your bloodstream. A simple blood sugar test will be able to reveal the glucose level inside your blood and this will be able to diagnose and treat any resulting medical condition in a better way. It is important to carry out a blood sugar test to monitor your glucose regularly if you are a diabetic patient.

How Is The Test Carried Out?

The most common way for the blood test to be carried out is by drawing some blood from the body via veins and taking it to the lab. This takes almost 1 to 2 hours for the results to come out. In today’s modern times many tools and instruments have been created to check the blood sugar level. The most common instrument involves pricking the finger with a needle and placing a blood drop on a strip. The machine detects the blood sugar level instantly.

Types Of Test

There are two types of blood tests that are carried out to check the glucose level of the body. Both tests are carried out on different intervals.

1. Fasting Blood Sugar

The fasting blood sugar is in fact the primary test. It is done right in the morning before you consume anything to eat or drink. The normal range of sugar at this point is 100.

2. Random Test

The random test checks the random blood sugar of the body i.e. glucose level in the blood stream after you have started your day, consumed a few meals and engaged in your day to day activities.

Importance Of Monitoring Blood Sugar Levels

It is important to monitor the blood sugar levels with help of a blood sugar test most particularly if you are a diabetic patient. In this case, your body will either not produce enough insulin to regulate the glucose level in the bloodstream or the insulin cells might not be responsive. In either case, you are suffering from diabetes type 1 or 2 and you need to keep a check on your blood sugar levels with help of a test.

Blood Sugar Tests Help To Avoid Serious Health Conditions

Timely checking the blood sugar is helpful to avoid any serious medical health condition in the long run. It is important to remember that excessively high or low level of glucose level in the bloodstream can cause several severe health conditions including instant death.

Symptoms To Watch Out For

In case you are diabetic, it is highly advised that you keep a check on your blood glucose on regular basis. A simple blood sugar test is all you need to monitor the glucose range in your bloodstream on daily basis. However, if you find it difficult to check the blood sugar on daily basis, you can always do it on alternate days. Looking out for the common symptoms that indicate towards abnormality in blood glucose levels can also help you decide when to take the test. Common symptoms of abnormality of glucose level in the bloodstream include

• Dizziness
• Light headedness
• Accelerated heartbeat
• Fainting
• Cold sweating
• Blurry sight
• Sweaty palms

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