Whether making a local move or a long distance seeking for moving quotes online is quite common these days. And why not, nobody would say no, if he gets moving quotes by just making few clicks on the computer. All that one has to do is log on to the website, give details about the present location and the destination, the quote will be e-mailed within minutes.To get the best moving quotes online one can prefer the most reliable platform like Moversfolder to get multiple moving quotes at one place.

It seems easy but if not done properly it may lead to a scam. There are few things everyone should know about before getting moving quotes online. Irrespective of the place where one is moving it is important to understand the moving quotes properly and and the terms used in the primary moving quotes.

Following are few terms used in online moving quotes which one must understand in order to avoid frustration:

Binding Estimate: Binding estimate is that the price quoted by the mover which you finally pay to him. Binding Estimates are given by a mover only after a thorough home inspection of your belongings and considers various things like truck parking distance, stairs etc and then issues a price. The amount of the binding Estimate does not change and the mover cannot charge more than the binding Estimate unless there is an increase or decrease in the weight or volume of the shipment. Some movers provide online quotes but ask for a home survey to provide a binding estimate.

Non-Binding Estimate: Unlike Binding estimates non binding estimates are not guaranteed. The final cost of the move will be determined by checking the weight of the shipment, and the actual service which the mover will provide during the move. The extra service includes packing costs, extra fees etc. In case of non binding estimate the mover cannot ask to pay more than 10%-30% above the original estimate based on the shipment inventory.

Hourly Rate: When movers issue online moving quotes some of them even mention their hourly rate. Hourly rates are best suited for local moves but are not cheap at all. In the hourly rate system movers start charging you the moment they reach your home for the service.

Flat Rate: Flat Rate is the total price of your move which one pays to the mover. It is the cost of the entire move. Irrespective of the time taken to move your belongings the rate will not change. It may take a day or two or a week but mover cannot ask for more once he has issues a flat rate. Some of the best long distance moving companies issue flat rates when one searches for online moving quotes and clear cut everything to just single amount.

Total Moving Cost: Total cost is the final cost of your move. The all inclusive cost involves service fees like long hauls, packing costs, extra labour charges and more., the total cost is derived after summing up all the miscellaneous costs incurred in the move.

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