Enough of the waiting…


Enough of the asking for permission…


Enough of thinking that anyone else has the right to tell you what you are allowed to do or not do…


Have or not have…


Be or not be…


Enough, enough , enough!


If you want something, you ASK FOR IT and you take action to get it…


It is that simple.


Everyone else is getting on with their life…


Everyone else is distracted…


And you think that they are thinking about you and wondering how to give you what you want?!!!


NO, honey, they are not!


Either you tell them and ask for it or you don’t and you do not get it.


Same goes with God/The Universe/Source – They are waiting on you to fully decide what you want and ask for it by going all out to get it and refusing to take no for an answer and then you will find that everything yields to the boldness of your will.


So, yes, you can wait and wait and wait and then get a little resentful that you did all the right stuff and worked really hard and you were patient etc etc and you will still not get it all




You can recognise that no one is going to give you what is yours.  You have to choose to do the work that must be done to get the result you want.  It is that simple!


You have to believe that you deserve it enough to get off your bum and do the work to get it.


Again, NOBODY will hand you what you refuse to find the courage to go and ask for.




Because everyone around you is handling their own fears and self-doubt issues and frankly, it is a part of your evolution to grow on up and ask BOLDLY for what you want.


And no, it does not stop with you just asking and then taking any ‘no’ that comes your way!  OH NO!  You have to have the confidence to ask and ask and ask and truly believe you deserve it and that there is no doubt that you will get it and so you keep on asking and you keep on doing the work with full expectation that everything you wish for is coming your way…


With absolute confidence that it is inevitably yours – Just a matter of time!


And then you act on your inspired thoughts and you get into massive action, knowing that all you want out of life is coming your way and you accept nothing less than EVERYTHING YOU WANT!


It is simple and pretty darned hard all at the same time.


Because you have been trained to think that you should be polite and wait your turn and wait for the right moment and not be selfish…

And you read all those pointless little ‘herd-like’ status updates of people too scared to ask for what they want and then they make it sound noble to be broke and poor and just plain IRRESPONSIBLE with the talents they have been bestowed with and they try to make you feel all selfish and guilty for choosing to want it all and go all out to use the gifts you were bestowed with to get it all – They tell you things like it is good and right to be poor (of course, they do not say it that way, they couch it in holy sounding language!)  and you buy into their nonsense.


You forget that most of these people who come up with these crazy ‘holy-sounding’ statements are living well beneath their potential and justifying it by claiming that they are not motivated by money!


You listen to those people because it is all you have ever known and now I tell you to break free of the nonsense.


If you do not want to be poor and broke and living beneath your potential and influencing NO ONE, then be careful who you listen to! Consider the source of the advice you are following!


If you do however KNOW that you have a message and you are called to impact millions, then honey, ASK FOR WHAT YOU WANT!


ASK GOD for what you want and then follow the promptings within your spirit – ACT ON THEM!


Stop having a pity party around what you do not have…


Stop second-guessing the ideas that drop into your mind…


Stop thinking you are not allowed…


Recognise that you are the only one setting the rules here…


Stop thinking money is bad – it is just a thing – You give it energy by what you think about it.


Money is just a thing that enables you to live a full, prosperous life so why not have as much of it as you want?!


It is a no-brainer.


Anyone can have as much of it as they want so why not you?


And even if they refuse to believe that they can and therefore remain broke and trapped in a life they think they have no choice but to live, does that mean you have to play that crazy game as well?  I think not!


Be honest with yourself and ask for everything you want.


Then take inspired action to get it, without all the emotional nonsense attached to it.


As I said, this is simple but also pretty darned hard – You are fighting against beliefs that have been planted in you since birth.


It is time to break free!


  1. Decide what you want

  2. Decide you will have it

  3. Decide you deserve it

  4. Take action to get it (This is how you ask)

  5. Do not stop until it is yours

  6. Do not accept some settled for version of it


  8. Deal with the resistance as it comes and yes it will come so take each hit and get it handled as it shows up.

  9. Keep taking action

  10. DO NOT STOP Until what you want is yours.

It is simple and it is hard.


Just do it anyway!


Fight for, deliberately design the life you are born to live.


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Choose now.  Change your life!

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