As a pet parent, you want the best for your dog. It’s no wonder why the pet wellness industry in the United States is worth billions of dollars. The latest trend of natural pet wellness products includes CBD for dogs and cats. If you are planning to buy CBD oil for dogs, here are a few things you must know:

1. What Is CBD?

CBD is one of the many cannabinoids, or chemical compounds, found in the hemp plant. This is different from THC and does not have a psychoactive effect. Unlike THC, CBD does not leave your pet high and is safe within reasonable limits.

2. Is CBD Legal?

The 2018 Farm Bill delisted CBD from the restricted items, provided the CBD is derived from hemp and does not contain more than 0.03% THC. Of course, these are federal regulations, and the state restrictions may not be the same. When buying CBD for dogs, make sure the THC levels are very low.

3. Does CBD Work on Dogs?

There have been several research studies that show CBD can be useful in managing a range of issues in pets. This is because, like humans, dogs have an endocannabinoid system in their molecular structure. The endocannabinoid cells present in the body regularly relay instructions when the brain senses pain, anxiety, or inflammation.

The cannabinoids found in the cannabis plants are called phytocannabinoids. These phytocannabinoids can communicate with the CB1 and CB2 receptors and mimic the body’s endocannabinoid system. Researchers have found that CBD can help the body produce its own endocannabinoids, thereby reducing the imbalance.

4. Can You Give CBD to Dogs?

Pet owners have become the greatest advocates of CBD for dogs. This is because they have firsthand experience seeing how CBD for dogs has helped their pets. Researchers have also published studies that show CBD can be effective in treating pain and age-related issues in pets. It can also help with the lack of appetite and inflammation. Age-related issues such as noise phobia and seizures can also be managed with CBD for dogs.

5. Are There Side Effects?

When you follow the proper instructions and recommended doses, CBD can be safe on pets. But make sure you consult with the vet before starting CBD for your pets. In rare circumstances, there some of the possible side effects, including dry mouth, low blood pressure, and drowsiness. Start with a low dosage and check for reactions before proceeding.

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