Everywhere you look, there is life. Life is a representation that learning and growth is occurring and that some potential exists. It might be good, when you look around to see everything with a deeper vision and insight. The sky, alive with birds, clouds, the ground - with many critters doing their daily busy-ness, whether ants, or caterpillars or whatever - they are busily living their lives. You yourself must accomplish certain things every day. And what those things are, is different for each person on Earth.

Are you doing what you NEED to do, are your living your life purpose? Probably not. Probably you don't have a clue to what your real purpose is? Maybe some guru told you, what he thought your purpose was, or maybe he gave you a spiritual name, or even gave you a mantra to repeat. But, that's not life or purpose. You can find your purpose by reviewing this life, from birth to today - and see what you've been driven to do that is helpful towards humanity and the earth and the rest of its inhabitants. Anything other than that would probably be more of an ego-driven desire than something that your entire live is based on.

For those of you who believe in reincarnation research, you can find your purpose in life - through reviewing a series of past lives and finding the common thread between them. And by capturing data, you can piece together the great puzzle of life. It's easy and fun to do.

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Dr Jay Polmar taught the class on Finding your purpose in life through regressions into the past. A structured course that you record, play back to yourself, and take notes. At the end of the course, you know who you were, who you really are - and what your purpose in life is. www.speedread.org