Besides being a safe shelter for cheese and chicken sandwiches while being surrounded by funny or suspense stories from parents, the lunch box is an object of mystery and curiosity. Was the food eaten or thrown out? For children, the question is if the meal was different from yesterday or not? Will he/she be given a new kit or not? Lunch-box styles don't commonly undergo drastic change. Shapes remain the same but cosmetic designs change. In lunch boxes of the past, sports activities, cartoon and storybook characters were famous print designs. The 30s saw lunch kits being made of metal which resembled old-fashioned cookie tin boxes with handles swinging down to the side. Then arrived the character metal lunch kits. Their fame era was from the 50s to the 70s where we saw Lone Ranger, Davy Crockett, Batman and Robin, Peter Rabbit, Mickey Mouse, Beatles and Bobby Sherman.
Now there are no more steel boxes as they have turned into antique items. They are now available only in lightweight acrylic plastic with choices not many at all. Forward to another generation - kids won't miss the bus with the world's first clock lunch box. It is not only a time-teaching tool but helps children with their appointments. The high-tech lunch box is equipped with a battery-operated quartz clock with a large and fully readable face on the top cover. This colorful new bucket has 4 attractive color combinations - turquoise, pink & purple, red, blue & yellow, black & white, black, red and purple. Inside Lunchtime has an 8-ounce thermos that comes in matching colors. For convenience, the box has an adjustable shoulder strap. When it’s hot, it's great to have a cold drink from the lunch pail. Thanks to either freezer gel or ice block, it's possible to keep foods cold in a container for few hours. Snack & Sip is one of those lunch boxes which consists of reusable ice block. Designed for being the lunch-box cover, its 1 pint liquid canteen comes with a cup on the top. Rectangular shaped with a small handle, the product is available in a combination of pink and aqua, red and black, blue and yellow.
Another modern day lunch-box which is a hit is The Car. Similar to VW Bus metal lunch box of 60s, it looks like a Volkswagen bug in eye-catching bold colors of red, yellow or blue body and black wheels. An impulse purchase or a toy, it is cute but for lack of inside space, square sandwiches might need some reshaping into smaller pieces to fit. The box has a short thermos-like jug with a cup. However, what Tradebone offers is something above all competitors. Here we introduce the dynamic and highly impressive Leak-proof 5-Compartment Bento Lunch Box. This is best for parents with stubborn kids and fussy eaters. You should pack a variety of food for munching in a meal for the complete nutritious needs of your child. This lunch box for small kids comes with 5 sections so you can add multiple foods in appropriate proportion for your kids. The separate compartments keep the food from getting in contact and messing up inside the box. Add fruits and veggies to meats and treat all in one lunch box.
The easy latch system is easy to use for the kids. They can conveniently open and close the two plastic latches on their own even with their small hands. There is a plastic spoon with forked ends that come with this lunch box so your kids can eat easily out of it.
Moreover, this plastic lunch box is safe to use for the kids. The food grade plastic is nontoxic and BPA free. So it is eco-friendly as well. The lid is leak proof with seals and keeps the food from spilling or mixing with other compartments even if you have an active jumping jack. This also helps avoid messy food that your kids are not very likely to eat.
The TradeBone bento box is my favorite as it has two parts; the food tray and the case. The food tray is perfectly safe to use in the microwave, freezer and even dishwasher. However, the case should be hand washed to maintain the seals that make it leak proof and perfect for your small kids. This lunch box is ideal for picnics, school, travelling, and even the bumpy bus and car rides. It makes meal prep and your morning routine easier while making your kids look forward to the variety of food you pack in for them. It is cool and convenient for everyday use for working mothers and even fathers since you can get additional trays, pack them and store. All you have to do in the morning is to add the tray to the case and you are good to go.
Where Darwin may or may not be right in that homo-sapiens evolved from apes, we are 100% sure that this thing called lunchbox has evolved into Tradebone bento box after many stages of improvement and betterment. It was certainly worth the wait!

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Carol Hills is a working mother, balancing her job with her personal life with three kids and adoring husband. She loves writing and occasionally takes out the time out of her busy schedule to share the most time saving tips and tricks to help others like her.