In metropolitan cities like Pune, people are suffering from heavy hair loss because of many reasons such as pollution, stress, poor diet, etc. This hair loss shakes their confidence and takes an emotional toll on their health.

There are many renowned hospitals and clinics which provide the best cosmetic procedures and Hair Transplant in Pune is one of them. Even people from other regions of Maharashtra come here to get their hair transplant at an affordable price.

The hair transplant doctors in Pune are experts in their field and have years of experience. Because of the quality treatment, economical prices and skilled doctors Pune is one of the most preferred destinations for hair restoration.

The modern approach of hair transplant was invented in 1994 and it is becoming more advanced day by day.

FUT Hair Transplant:
In 1994, Dr Bernstein and Dr Rassman invented follicular unit transplantation, which started a modern era of hair transplantation.
They introduced the dissection of follicular unit grafts under a stereo microscope. This method required more surgical skills than any of the previous methods of hair transplant.
In this method, the strip of hair is extracted from the donor region of the scalp. The follicular unit grafts are then dissected under the stereomicroscope. These grafts are transplanted in the recipient region (bald area) of the scalp.
The surgeon stitches the wound caused because of removal of the strip and it leaves the linear scar on the back of the scalp.
It has become one of the most commonly used hair transplant techniques in Pune.

FUE Hair Transplant:
FUE hair transplant in Pune is an advanced method of FUT. In this method, instead of extracting a whole strip of hair, hair are extracted individually.
The hair follicles are dissected under the stereomicroscope. The surgeon prepares incisions in the recipient area of the scalp. He then inserts the follicular graft units into the incisions.
This transplantation leaves the circular scars across the back of the scalp.

Robotic Hair Transplant:
It is a modified automated version of the FUE hair transplant in Pune. In this method, the surgeon uses image guidance technology for the extraction of hair. The robotic limb is also used in transplantation.
It is said to give high positive results.

DHI Transplant:
In this technique, the hair transplant surgeons in Pune use the latest technology for hair transplant. The hair follicles are extracted from the donor region using Implanter pen. The extracted hair follicles will be placed in a solution at a specific temperature to enhance the follicles.
The surgeon will use DHI Implanter to insert hair follicles in the recipient region of the scalp.
It gives precise and successful results.

Neo-graft is a tool used for extracting hair from the donor region. The surgeon uses the tool to remove hair follicles with the help of air pressure and suction. It reduces the extraction time of the grafts.
The hair transplant surgery gives a natural looking result. It has minimal recovery time and leaves no scars.

The bio-fue procedure is same as FUE hair transplant in Pune. The only difference is regenerative cells are taken from your body and injected in the donor region to help it in healing faster.
The follicular units are immersed in a protein-rich growth serum to reduce the death of the cells. The enriched follicular units will be transplanted in the recipient region of the scalp.
It gives a high density of transplanted hair. The quality of hair improves, and it looks natural.

Trivellini Hair Transplant:
In Pune, Trivellini tool is used for extraction of grafts from the donor region of your scalp. The speed of extraction is very high. Thus, this process needs a skilled surgeon but is a time-saving process.
This hair transplant procedure gives natural looking hair and has almost no side effects.

Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant:
It is the same as the FUE technique but instead of steel blades, sapphire blades are used.
The microchannels are opened in the recipient region of the scalp. The hair follicles will be transplanted there.
The sapphire blades minimise the scab formation and speed ups the recovery process. The direction of hair growth can be retained by this technique.

The hair will begin to grow approximately 3 to 4 months after the hair transplant procedure. Initially, the new hair will be delicate and fine, however, as the hair grows longer, it will become more coarse.

Ultimately, the hair will achieve the same quality as the donor area from which it was harvested. Most patients will require 2–3 stages of transplants to achieve the desired final density. Subsequent stages can be performed as early as 6 months apart.

Because of skilled surgeons and advanced medical technology, hair transplant in Pune is becoming a reliable solution for baldness.

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