Apple was introduced by Steve Jobs in the year 2007 and it used to come with 4GB storage capacity initially.

After that, there was no looking back and now you get it with almost 16 times more than its initial storage capacity. This shows the speed at which the evolution of the iPhone has taken place.

It’s been a decade and Apple has sold more than 1.2 billion iPhones with many more to sell in coming years. Let us look at how your favorite iPhone evolved as the smartest phone.

iPhone – Original model
The original model was stunning and many smart-phone users liked it like anything.

iPhone 3G
This iPhone was quite a jingo. Though didn’t have some essential features available like GPS, 3G which were actually introduced in iPhone 3G model launched the very next year. Also, it had curved plastic back instead of aluminum- plastic back which was there in its earlier model.

iPhone 3GS
Yes, this was the introduction of suffix “S” to iPhone that is - 3GS.

After a gap of a year, Apple revealed that the iPhones with suffix “S” actually means speed The device had a certain enhancement in hardware & software as compared to 3G.

Its launch was supported by two theories associated with an upgrade cycle
· Those upgrading when Apple phones are revamped
· Those waiting for the “S” model and the loops to be resolved.

iPhone 4 with Stunning looks

It has amazing looks with a glass back.

One of the phones with stunning looks with glass-back. There were chances of this device shattering on being dropped. Also, you would face issues like drop calls if it was carried in a certain manner. But, it had the sharpest screen of its time. This iPhone model had a front-facing camera introduced for the first time on any other phone.

iPhone 4S – Siri Added

The iPhone 4S was not launched with any major changes except Siri being added to the iPhone.

It was quite similar to its previous model. The feature which made it little different from its predecessor was Apple’s voice assistant Siri and a camera with the capacity of recording - 1080p HD video.

iPhone 5 – Tall phone
It was indeed a tall iPhone to watch out for!

In order to match the features of Android phones offering large screens, Apple too decided to make some changes to iPhone 5.

Well, Apple didn’t actually make the phone screen wider as compared to its 4S model but tried to make it taller by a quarter inch. It helped fit in a few more apps on the home screen.

Well, the iPhone wasn’t easy to handle with one hand and many people weren’t able to reach the top section of the screen using their thumbs.

On the other hand, it was actually the first iPhone that supported LTE and also the first one to utilize Lightning charging port of Apple in place of 30-pin wide connector which was used on iPhone till date and also on iPod earlier.

iPhone 5S – Fingerprint scanning
The iPhone 5S was introduced with fingerprint scanning

The major change was Touch ID fingerprint scanner feature being incorporated in iPhone 5S. This feature was used to validate the App Store downloads. On the other hand, this technology was basically utilized for contactless payment system of Apple - Apple Pay. It was also the first iPhone launched in gold.

Colorful iPhone 5c
This iPhone comes with a plastic back and you will find it quite colorful.

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus
Apple released the iPhone this time in two sizes - 6 & 6 Plus in 2014

iPhone 6S & 6S Plus
The iPhone 6Ses actually were the same as their earlier models. The noticeable difference was 3D Touch which was included in this iPhone which helped the users to press the screen hard to get the menus to the front and also work with a program in a different way that they would do with a screen touch.

This was the first phone available in rose gold color.

Affordable - iPhone SE
It was quite an affordable iPhone which was launched in the aluminum package.

Greatest phone ever - iPhone 7 & 7 Plus
Of course, this is the latest iPhone without headphone jacks, no visible home buttons and is waterproof too. It has rear cameras that work great to give you quality portrait photos.

So, Apple has witnessed the evolution of the iPhone all through its journey. It has given birth to iPhone, designed it, upgraded it and introduced a lot of features that made users like iPhone. It has been over a decade and the iPhone is in process of evolution and many more features will be introduced in recent years helping its users to get more and more from iPhone. The technology is going to evolve and so does the iPhone. 

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It has been over a decade and the iPhone is in process of evolution and many more features will be introduced in recent years helping its users to get more and more from iPhone. The technology is going to evolve and so does the iPhone.