Wedding photography is the art of imagery related to capturing images before, during and after marriage. It involves the process of capturing those special moments like smile, hugs, tears and laughter on the day of wedding. Wedding photographers create special photographs of couples and other important people present on the occasion. The marriage photography began in the early 18 40s. However, the quality of images was not very impressive. Early cameras were large and portable lighting equipments were non-existent. In the earlier times, it was not commercial, but after Second World War, it became much commercialized and became a profitable business. Using their new portable roll films based cameras and flashbulb lighting; photographers would shoot photos for the bride and groom.

As the years passed by, technology changed and some new trends entered wedding photography. Until the 1970s, only traditional photography dominated the market. This type of imagery provided for more classically posed pictures for the groom and bride. Later on, a dynamic changed in the photo industry evolved in the form of photojournalism. A photojournalistic style of photography focuses more on candid images with little photographer interaction. It has replaced conventional style to a great extent now. This new approach towards imagery focuses on photographing images filled with romance, feeling, emotions etc. This helps to capture candid images to make your wedding a memorable day forever.

Nowadays, a third style in photography that is becoming more popular is a fashion-based approach in which images are inspired by editorial fashion imagery, as found in magazines like Vogue, Vanity Fair and many other top selling fashion magazines. This style is a more innovative and dramatic processing of pictures to capture those special moments of a marriage. This is a popular choice for couples who want to spruce up their marriage with glamour and shimmer. Closes up, sophisticated posing, dramatic lights and different camera angles are used to make the photographs more attractive and appealing. Images captured in this style can be shown up on the cover of magazines and newspapers.

A fourth style, popular in Asian countries especially in China, is wedding studio photography. Couples select a studio in same way as western couples choose wedding photographers to shoot their wedding. They often make an appointment with the studio and discuss features, benefits and pricing of the photography the studio will offer them. Of late, vintage style of wedding photography has also become a popular approach. Many photographers are now adding a vintage look to their images and shooting marriages that have vintage feel. So, lots of new trends have come and contemporary photography has become more than taking informal photographs and involves the use of high quality cameras, composition and lighting to create images that have a strong visual appeal.

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Alina Cruz has been in wedding photography industry since a long time now. She has written a lot about latest photography trends that modern wedding photographers are following today.