There’s a saying, your brand is the window into your heart and the soul of your business. It is not a mere buzzword to get your one-time promotion campaign right. Instead, it encapsulates everything you wish to communicate to your clients. As your customers evolve with time, so does should your branding strategies.


The worst branding blunders result due to ignorance and lack of initiative on the business’s part until it gets out of hand.


Here’s a post which points out four key branding mistakes which every business should avoid.


Mistake 1: “Inappropriate Logo Design”


A logo design says a lot about the business, and for that, it is important to get it right, at the start. This is more important for a start-up company trying to establish a solid base in the market and amongst their targetted customers.


Logo designs are essential to a business being recognised by its peers as well as its adversaries. Hence, it is crucial that one takes time to decide what design will communicate the message of the brand best to its customers/end-users!


Mistake 2: “Ignoring The Value Proposition”


Be it the tagline, homepage headline or perhaps even a mission statement; if it is not able to communicate effectively with the targetted audience, then it is all a waste. End-users will bounce from your business website even before one realises it.


Many businesses ignore the importance of business proposition. They fail to impress their customers about what makes their brand unique from the rest. And that is another crucial mistake on their part.


To prevent this; one should outline whatever services they provide, why is it important, and how can their business make a difference. And while at it, one should skip -


  • Excessive buzzword use
  • Vague terminologies
  • Flying way too close to what competitors are stating


These include as effective integrated marketing and branding solutions and to achieve it; one should take help from quality corporate branding companies.


Mistake 3: “Not Abiding By Branding Guidelines”


Branding acts as a guideline to demonstrate what the business represents and how it is different from its competitors. If one wavers from such guidelines, then the end-users will gravitate to a company which has its acts together.


Some branding guidelines are:


  • Proper Logo Usage
  • Getting The Right Colour Scheme
  • Right Visual and Image
  • Attractive Fonts and Typography
  • Adequate Voice and Messaging


Mistake 4: “Giving Importance to Consistency More Than Brand Persona”


Business brands should communicate their message consistently to reinforce their value proposition, services, products and mission. But, they should also focus on representing different views or persona of the business brand.


As long as the business brand knows what it represents or stands for, consistency can be kept aside momentarily.


Simply put- there’s no point in putting the same messages or posts on the business’s social media platforms. The end users will find it a tad redundant and are likely to tune out or skip those platforms.


Ending Statement:


Truth be spoken- no brand is established overnight. It takes time, effort and a lot of dedication. What one can do is hire a top-rated corporate branding company in Sydney and start laying the groundwork for what will represent in crucial and self-defining aspects of the business.


Seek advice from trustworthy branding professionals and do TRY TO AVOID THESE MISTAKES. It is the only way to evolve progressively and stay relevant for decades.

Author's Bio: 

The author works at a reputed corporate branding company in Sydney and has helped numerous business flourish over time. With that, the author is well aware of effective integrated marketing and branding solutionsand shares that knowledge through articles and blogs to aspiring business runners.