Ex Boyfriend Won't Talk To Me Anymore: Why Is My Ex Boyfriend Ignoring Me All Of A Sudden

"My ex boyfriend won't talk to me and I still love him." If you've been saying or thinking this lately, don't panic. It's frustrating and confusing when you still have strong feelings for a man and he won't even give you the time of day. Many women find themselves facing this exact set of circumstances after a break up. Try as they might they can't get their ex to let down the guarded wall he's put up and let them back in. The problem is often in the approach that the woman is taking. If your ex boyfriend is ignoring you and all you want is another chance with him, you have to start by doing one thing and one thing only. You need to stop begging him to take you back.

Quite often what happens right after a break up is the person who did the breaking up basks a bit in the pain of the other person. This sounds heartless and it is, but it's a fact of life. If your boyfriend knows that your heart has broken into a million pieces because you constantly tell him that, he'll start to expect more and more of that. It feeds the ego in a way, and it leaves the person who was dumped in increasingly more and more pain. Some men will intentionally ignore you after a break up just to see how far you'll go to regain their love and affection. Most women in this situation will do things that will make her look desperate, including writing long letters of devotion, sitting for hours outside his home hoping to talk with him or calling him dozens upon dozens of times a day. He sees all of this as a sign of you in desperation. You don't want this to happen if you want him to want you back.

The best advice for any woman whose ex boyfriend won't talk with her is simple. Send him a very short email or text message telling him you're sorry that things lead to a break up and wish him well. That is going to seem foreign to you given the fact that you don't want to wish him well, you want him back instead. You need to do this though because it appeals directly to his ego. What he'll see when he reads the note is a strong, confident woman in control of her emotions. He'll sense that you're on the cusp of moving forward without him. It will push him back into the reality of a life without you. Once you send it, stay strong and don't try and reach out to him again. No stalking him or calling him repeatedly. Just let things be. He'll notice, before long, that you're not chasing him around like a lost puppy. It's then that he'll start to reconsider whether a life without you is truly what he wants or needs.

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It can be a rude awakening when you're walking down the street, listening to the birds chirp and then all of a sudden are blindsided by the thought that, 'Oh jeez! I still love my ex!" Before you jaywalk into oncoming traffic, read some of these tips.

Step 1:Acknowledge It: Love is a good feeling, it means that your heart is working and you haven't become jaded to all emotions. Instead of trying to smother this feeling with chloroform, embrace it for you are lucky.

Step 2:What Are They Feeling: Your love flower might still be in bloom for your ex but take into consideration what they're feeling if you can. You might not know for certain, or that letter that said to never come within 50 feet of them ever again could serve as a clue.

Step 3:Have A Heart To Heart: Sometimes, in order to get on the level with your ex, it might be best to have a heart-to-heart conversation. Avoid trying to rush back into their arms and instead talk about how your lives have changed and how you both see the future playing out...either together or separate.

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Step 4:Get On Good Terms: Perhaps the most important step to take if you still love your ex is to get back on good terms with them. The easiest transition to love begins with friendship and likewise there might be a long path of fences you need to mend so start at the beginning.

Step 5:Pass The Kidney Stone: Sometimes what you're feeling isn't love, just a hot flash clamoring for the days of old. In order to truly find out if your love still burns, let the feeling play out for a few weeks. If your feelings pass, you'll have made a good decision to stay away but if it remains, you'll know your heart is true.

Step 6:Alter Your Attitude: You might think you need your ex back this instant but if you take the pressure off yourself, you'll find more enjoyment in the chase.

Step 7:Don't Be A Space Invader: Rushing right back into your ex's life and spending every waking minute with them can be a lot to process at first. For things to ultimately work out in the long run and as a better way to get to re-know each other have your contact be intermittent. As Han Solo can attest, a little space never hurt anybody.

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When you were in a relationship, you probably stayed in touch with your boyfriend every single day. In fact, from the day that you decided to exchange numbers, you probably sent each other a slew of texts and this probably just went on until you were in an actual relationship.

If you are no longer together right now, though, then you probably still check your cell phone out of habit, hoping that he will text you out of nowhere. Well, moping all day and hoping for a text to come in really won't help you get your ex boyfriend back, now, will it? If you really want to get your ex boyfriend back, then you have to bring out that cell phone and start texting him. Try sending these guaranteed texts:

1. "Hey, it's been a while. Just realized we haven't talked in ages and thought I'd check up on you. Hope you're doing well."

If you are texting your ex boyfriend for the first time since your breakup, then it would be important to lay low for at least a month. This will give him time to miss you and realize how empty his life is without you in it. If he still hasn't texted you after the month is up, then you can try sending a text similar to this one to open up your lines of communication and start inching back into his life.

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2. "Hey, guess what? I finally got that promotion I've been longing for! Just thought I'd share the good news. How are you?"

If you are already on better terms with your ex after the breakup, then you can try sending a text like this to get your ex boyfriend back later on. The important thing here would be to make sure that you don't bring up the past, the breakup or anything related to your old relationship. These topics might be too heavy this early on and he might not be ready to think about getting back together with you yet - remember that.

3. "Hey, do you want to hang out sometime soon?"

If you really want to get your ex boyfriend back, you will eventually have to stop texting him and actually meet up with him in order to talk about a reconciliation. Nothing can beat a personal conversation, after all, so once you have texted each other a couple of times and you think you might be on the same page, invite him out to hang out and go from there.

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Step #1: Ignore your ex- Unless you cut off all attention and contact from your end, your ex will only continuously take you for granted. The last thing you want, is to look really pathetic, which is why you must do this so that your ex will start seeking your attention. The reason this step is so important, is because the instant your ex is out of the spotlight you created, he/she will feel rejected and this will make your ex instantly start chasing you.

Step #2: Send your ex this text message after you have ignored him/her for quite some time- "wow, you were right, that was a crazy night? What else did we do that night? Do you have anymore pics?"

What will happen from this, is that your ex will think you are seeing someone else, and he/she will instantly become jealous. The very fact that you have stopped chasing your ex for some time, and now all of a sudden your ex is getting this "accidental" message, will drive him/her crazy just to find out what you are up to now.

You will find your ex contacting you not too long after, however when he/she does, you must be very careful not to talk too long or give out too much information. Instead, cut the call short, and tell your ex you "have to go" and hang up. This will make your ex absolutely crazy for you again.

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