Ex Girlfriend Says She Misses Me But Has A Boyfriend: Ex Says She Misses Me But She's With Someone Else

When your ex girlfriend has a boyfriend it can cause you to feel elated or depressed. It all depends on what you feel for her. If you're still in love with her, knowing she's with someone new can feel devastating. It can leave you wishing you could turn back the hands of time. Naturally that's not possible. However, if you firmly believe she belongs with you and not him, there are things you can do to ensure you get another chance with her. Don't count yourself out just because a new guy has entered the picture. Giving up on love isn't something you should be doing.

If your ex girlfriend has a boyfriend one of the things you absolutely must do is become her friend. You want to establish yourself as a good platonic friend to her for several reasons. First, you need to keep yourself close to her. You obviously can't just tell her that you want more when she's seeing someone else. Instead, approach her with the idea of you two being friends. Most women will be happy to do this. They love being connected to past boyfriends.

Another reason you want to establish a friendship with your ex if she has a new boyfriend is you want to be the one sitting in wait to pick up the pieces once their relationship falls apart. Most rebound relationship go nowhere. They may be hot and heavy initially but they burn out very quickly. You'll be there to help her pick up the pieces once she breaks up with him. That's important and shouldn't be overlooked.

One crucial thing to remember when your ex girlfriend has a new boyfriend is to never speak poorly of him to her. You're probably going to feel the urge to pick him apart in front of her. Talking negatively about him or pointing out his flaws will make you seem childish and insecure. You have to show her that you're emotionally strong enough to handle her new relationship. If she feels that you sincerely want her to be happy, she'll feel closer to you and that's exactly what you want and need in order to get her back.

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Panic: the emotion that rears its ugly head after a breakup. It puts the shackles on and takes control of you. It causes you to act out of desperation. It causes you to make mistakes. It causes you to push your ex girlfriend further away. Learn to control it and you've won half the battle of getting your ex girlfriend back.

Learn to relax. Take a step back and look at the situation rationally. There's no need to be in desperation mode.

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As you work on getting your ex back, you must maintain the proper mindset and attitude. Nothing is possible in life unless you BELIEVE it's possible.

Belief leads to confidence. Confidence leads to control. When you have control of your emotions, then you also have control over your actions. This will help you remain patient and you'll be able to control any anger and/or jealousy which could cause you to do things you'll regret later.

Believing you can get your ex girlfriend back will help you get through difficult times (e.g. when she won't talk to you or when she starts a rebound relationship).

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Next, stop begging, pleading, and repeatedly apologizing. These things won't force your girlfriend to come back to you. They only serve to make you appear desperate and needy.

If you fall into this trap, then you may find yourself saying things you don't really mean. You'll tell your girlfriend anything she wants to hear, even if it's a lie. When she finds out you were just manipulating her and had no intention of ever changing, then it will only cause more heartbreak in the end. As they say, "Honesty is the best policy".

Lastly, accept your girlfriend's decisions. Validate her feelings. Don't make her feel like she's wrong for feeling the way she does. Instead, put yourself in her shoes so you can understand where she's coming from. Never pressure her to change her mind.

If she wants time away from you, then give it to her. Don't call. Don't text. Don't email, go to her house, or try to find her at work. The best way to make her miss you is to become less available. It will be difficult to be away from her, but it's critical if you want her back.

You'll never get your ex girlfriend back by making her feel cornered. No one likes to be backed up against a wall. If you make her feel this way, then she will resist you with everything she has. Sometimes a breakup is the only thing that makes two people realize what they have.

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Right after the breakup, the chance to get your ex back probably seems like an unattainable fantasy. You are hurt, angry, and confused, and the memory of the things said during the split are still very fresh. Both of you said some pretty awful things to each other - things that you certainly did not mean and never, in your right mind, would have uttered - so is it even possible to move past that? It is, but it will take some time and patience on your part. But if you are willing to stay the course, it is entirely possible to make your ex fall for you once again.

Whether you have thought about it or not, your ex is feeling pretty lousy at this moment too. They aren't really in a place to talk to you, and if you would be honest with yourself, you could stand some time away too. The things that you said to one another were very hurtful, and even if they weren't meant, those feelings cannot be expected to vanish overnight. Until you can move past those feelings, you are not going to be able to have a calm, collected conversation with your ex. You will not make your ex fall for you once again if you are both still too angry to speak without yelling!

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Give yourself, and your ex, the time and space you need to begin to process, and then move on from, the pain caused by the breakup. Even though it might not see like a possibility right now, your hurt feelings will begin to fade over time, and your partner will notice that their's do the same. This will not only make you both more willing to talk to one another, it also means that there is a far better chance of meaningful dialogue ensuing as a result.

Not seeing each other for awhile will also allow you both to remember the good times you have and begin to miss the others company. You will both be looking forward to the opportunity to see each other again. There is a good chance you are both eager to apologize for the horrible things said during the breakup, and you will be willing to do what it takes to make each other happy once again. With just a little bit of space, you can succeed in your plan to make your ex fall for you once again.

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Do you suspect your ex of still being in love with you? Does your ex always give you mixed signals and you can never tell if they like you, love you, or just plain hate you? Does your ex seem to put you into the "friends zone", but in other moments, acts as if they love you? If you are confused and need some clearance on how your ex feels, then you have come to the right place. You see, as long as you know how your ex feels, you can take the appropriate measures to get your ex back, so here are 15 ways to tell if your ex still wants you back...

1. Blows you off in front of friends, and says crude comments, but alone with you acts extremely nice- It's an ego thing, and they still like you.

2. Calls you all the time- with a reason or not, they make it part of their schedule to call you.

3. Gets jealous- either at the idea of you with someone else, or if they see you with someone else they are getting mad.

4. Asks about your personal life all the time- "are you dating, where are you working, what are you doing"... you get the picture, they always want to know what you are doing!

5. Tries to meet you- will always be suggesting places to go, things to do in an attempt to get you on a date with them again.

6. Tries to kiss you, touch you or have any sort of physical contact... even if it is just trying to make you stare into their eyes again, or vice versa.

7. Buys you things- You get gifts galore, and even if you told them not to, they are still doing it!

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8. Always talks about the past- They can't seem to get over you, and obviously always talking about the time that you were together is a big sign that they like you still.

9. Tries to impress you- They will talk about new things they are doing, and anything else they can which they think would impress you or spark your interest in them again.

10. Starts working out or making extreme attempts to look better- They will literally change clothing styles and everything else just for you to notice.

11. Changes, but does things you always asked them to do- they make changes for you, and maybe even do this on a grand scale.

12. Asks your friends about you, or has their friends talk to you- Either way, they are going through the back door here, to get to you, hear about you and through this they are trying to get back with you.

13. Shows up to places you frequent- They always seem to be here or there... and apparently "bump" into you, but it's no coincidence, they want to see you, and do this on purpose.

14. Tells you they are sorry often, and admits their mistakes- This is a hard thing to do, and if they are doing it, they certainly want to reconcile with you.

15. Tries to make you jealous- this is either by flaunting new dates in front of you, flirting with people directly in front of you, or by suggesting that they may date or are dating someone new soon. The reason they tell you in the first place is to spark a reaction, and they want you to object and take them back.

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