Ex Keeps Turning Up At My House: My Ex Popped Up At My House

How can you know what your ex really feels towards you? If you have no idea, here are three telltale signs your ex still wants you back. Of course there are many more but these three will tell you instantly what your ex is really thinking about you.

Out of the blue calls from your ex for no particular reason

Has your ex done this to you countless times already? If they do love to call and talk to you for hours just to chat. This means that when they think of you, your ex can't get you out of their mind, so they call. Some would do it because they miss you while others would because they want to send out an unspoken message that you are still an important part of their lives and your ex still wants you back.

Your ex still gives you gifts for an occasion or anniversary

People who have no feelings left for their ex, don't give gifts to them. If you do get gifts/presents from your ex, they are simply saying that they want to give you some keepsakes that will make you remember them. It also shows that your ex wants you to see that they are still care for you and that they do remember your special anniversaries/occasions.

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They tell you about the great changes in their lives

So your ex got a new job or they just came out of therapy with a better outlook in life, maybe they just bought a new car or a house. If the first thing your ex does is to tell you about it, then this means that you are the first person they still think of. Most of them are not showing off unless it's really in their personality but most ex's would usually do it to make you see that they are living great lives and they still want to share all the special moments with the person the care about the most, you!

Of course there are more signs, but these three signs are all instant and tell you that your ex is still thinking of being with you. If your ex has already been giving you these signs then congratulations and you are well your way to get your ex back. If not then keep a look out, I hope that soon you will see signs your ex still wants you back.

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Nasty arguments infest your dreams. The horrible moment of the breakup breaks your heart again and again. You remember the face of your partner right before they threw you out. You must think at this point that there are absolutely no signs your ex still wants you back.

Right now, that is what you may see, but more than half the time, this is not true. You are agonizing over the fact that your ex broke up with you, and all you can remember about your ex is the angry and negative emotions. Take my word-what you need now is simply some time. Move on and heal. Take note of signs your ex still wants you back.

Watch and see if your ex is lurking around. Go out with your friends but make sure the whole world knows where you're going. If you find your ex there, then they probably still want you back. Perhaps it may be a coincidence, but if it happens twice, then take my word-they are still in love with you.

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Watch and see if your ex is contacting you. If your ex contacts you after a long period without contact, then they probably still want you back. They will miss you and will say that they just want to be friends, but in reality-they still have feelings for you.

There is a chance that after you and your ex start communicating again for you two to strike up pleasant conversation. They won't be gossiping with you, but will rather talk about what went wrong and what can be done to fix it.

You see now, you should simply take some time off. You are upset at the moment and cannot see signs your ex still wants you back. This is important because it's telling you that you must take the time to heal. If you don't, you might not be able to get back together, whereas if you do, there is a high possibility that you can.

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Stop giving your ex all of those things- Consider it like this: your ex takes you for granted! Simply put, when you give someone everything, without them even asking for it, they will likely take it for granted. That means your ex really doesn't care about you at the moment, but he/she is about to. The minute you stop handing out everything so easily, will be the instant your ex will want it, and you, more!

People do not want easy things, they actually want things which are not easy to get, which is exactly why you need to create a chase. Now, you may think that by ignoring your ex and not doing as he/she demands, that you will further chase your ex away, but this is not the case at all. You see, the instant you stop giving your ex attention, and you ignore your ex, will be the moment that your ex starts seeking your attention.

To your ex, it will feel like pure and utter rejection. Your ex will think "wait a minute here! How come this person isn't chasing me anymore?!!" It will really mess up your ex's mind so badly, that he/she will start stalking you just to find out how it is that you are moving on so quickly. Your ex will become fearful that you are dating again, and will go crazy to talk to you again and find out.

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You and your ex are through, and the knock down, drag out argument you had during the break up has left you questioning whether or not getting your ex back is a good idea. He or she said some really hurtful and just plain awful things during the argument, and you might be unsure as to whether it was said in the heat of the moment, or if your ex truly meant what they said.

First things first, before getting your ex back, you need to take a bit of time to heal. You need to become grounded again, and come to terms with your feelings. When the cloud of misery and depression begins to recede, you can start to think more clearly, and this will help to determine whether or not getting your ex back is even worthwhile.

After you've given your ex a few days of space, try getting in contact with them. If they hang up, or simply refuse any communication for you, this is a sign that he or she might not be interested anymore. However, this is not a surefire sign that getting your ex back is out of the question. To be sure, you should look for other signs that truly mark the end.

Is your ex on the prowl again? Are they out partying it up every night with members of the opposite sex? This spells disaster for your plans of getting your ex back - you are the last thing on their mind right now. And you should accept this for what it is.

If this is the situation you are in, sadly, it doesn't seem as though you will be getting your ex back. All signs point to the relationship being truly over - for good. Don't waste your time and effort, as it will not help in getting your ex back. He or she has well and fully moved on and it is time for you to do the same. You'll be happier in the end if you go on with your life and allow someone, more suited to you, into your heart.

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