Are you facing a problem of baldness? There are 2 solutions for hair replacement they are hair weaving and hair transplantation. Both results in the same but there are certain differences. Hair-fall is one of the major problems these days and it ultimately leads to baldness. Baldness makes a person look unattractive and aged. It is the problem related to your personality. It also makes you feel low self-esteem. When you are concern about best hair transplant just check out what they are.

Hair weaving:

It is the recent technique which is attracting many people. Hair weaving means the addition of hair to your existing hair and makes it look voluminous. It is a temporary solution for baldness; the hair will fall back after some days. Hair replacement is done using synthetic hair or an artificial one, synthetic hair which is man-made and natural hair is extracted from humans and processed. The patient will have the choice of the hairstyle he wants. This kind of hair replacement, hair won’t grow it will remain in the same size forever. Since it is glued it will fall back later but the best part about this kind of hair replacement is, it is non-surgical treatment and suits for both men and women and its average cost would be 20000 or more according to the treated area. For More insights, you may contact to Hair Weaving Expert. It can’t be ironed, dyed and mostly looks like artificial hair. It is not a care free option means you have to take care of every step with your hair.

Hair transplantation:

This is the hair replacement which follows surgical method. It causes no pain because it is done using anesthesia. The hair which is thick on your head is plucked and transplanted in the bald area. It is the permanent solution and hair will remain as it is like your original hair and it will also grow back. After the surgery hair can be dyed or can be ironed just like that of the natural hair. It is a carefree option. As the hair follicles are taken out from the most resisted area of back and side of the head, this hair will have fewer chances of dropping. The main reason for not choosing hair transplantation is fear of its side effects. But when hair transplantation is done by professional then the chances of side effects are minor. It is better to opt for hair transplantation because of it permanent solution and less effort to maintenance later.

The Best Hair transplant in India is one the mysterious procedure for a whole lot of people previously but it is in form now. The average hair transplant cost in Delhi would be around 50,000 or more according to the treated area. The cost may vary according to the city. For example, the cost of hair transplant in Delhi is quite different from the cost of hair transplant in Hyderabad. Some people prefer to travel to other cities to get the hair transplantation done.

Hair transplant in Delhi is famous because of many hair transplant cases there. Delhi is the hub of the hair loss treatments and Berkowits Hair & Skin Clinics is well equipped and had good infrastructure moreover, the doctors there are specialized in hair transplant field and had much experience on it.The hair transplant in Delhi is affordable when compared to other cities.

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