Orchitis, a common male reproductive system disease, can cause significant discomfort and complications if left untreated. Symptoms such as testicular swelling and pain necessitate prompt medical attention. Understanding the various examination items for orchitis can help ensure timely diagnosis and effective treatment.

1. Physical Examination
When symptoms like testicular swelling and pain manifest, it is crucial to seek medical advice. The doctor will begin with a thorough medical history inquiry, asking about the onset of symptoms, past medical history, and potential triggers. This is followed by a physical examination where the doctor will observe the appearance of the testicles and palpate them to check for swelling, tenderness, and other abnormalities.

2. Urine Analysis
Urinalysis is a routine examination for orchitis. This test involves analyzing the urine for the presence of white blood cells, red blood cells, and bacteria. These indicators can help identify urinary tract infections, which are often associated with orchitis.

3. Blood Routine Examination
A blood routine examination can provide valuable information regarding the body’s response to infection. By measuring the white blood cell count and the proportion of neutrophils or lymphocytes, doctors can determine whether the orchitis is due to a bacterial or viral infection.

4. Ultrasonography
Ultrasonography, a non-invasive diagnostic tool, uses sound waves to create images of the internal structure and blood flow of the testicles. This method helps detect inflammation, masses, and other abnormalities in the testicular tissue, providing a clear picture of the underlying issues.

5. Bacterial Culture
If a bacterial infection is suspected, a bacterial culture test may be conducted. This involves isolating pathogens from urine or testicular secretions to identify the specific bacteria causing the infection. Sensitivity tests are often performed alongside to determine the most effective antibiotics for treatment.

6. B-Scan Ultrasound
B-scan ultrasound is another vital diagnostic tool used to assess the size, shape, and presence of tumors in the testicles. This examination helps in understanding the development of the testicles and detecting conditions like enlargement or malignancy, especially in patients with cryptorchidism.

Precautions for Orchitis Examination

To ensure accurate and effective examination results, patients should adhere to several key precautions:

1. Follow Pre-Examination Guidelines: Patients should strictly follow any preparatory guidelines provided by their doctor or the hospital. This may include fasting, dietary restrictions, or stopping certain medications temporarily.

2. Provide Accurate Medical History: A detailed and accurate medical history is crucial for diagnosis. Patients should inform their doctor about all symptoms, past medical conditions, and any relevant triggers.

3. Avoid Delaying Urination: Prior to a urine analysis, patients should not delay urination as this can affect the test's accuracy.

4. Avoid Excessive Activity: During ultrasound examinations, patients should remain relaxed and avoid excessive movement to ensure clear and accurate imaging.

5. Maintain Cleanliness: Keeping the testicular area clean before the examination can help reduce the risk of bacterial contamination, ensuring more accurate results.

6. Stay Calm: Remaining calm and relaxed during examinations can help improve the accuracy of the results and make the process smoother.

Treatment and Management

Orchitis is often caused by infectious agents, and identifying the specific bacteria is crucial for effective treatment. Simply using broad-spectrum antibiotics may not be sufficient. For chronic or recurrent cases of orchitis, traditional Chinese medicine like Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can be beneficial. It not only reduces inflammation and pain but also helps regulate the body and boost immunity, offering a holistic approach to managing chronic orchitis.

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