Example of not giving up
When I worked at a tire manufacturing plant, I had a friend who started a business selling clothes. He had worked at the tire plant for years. He contributed to his 401k and saved a percentage of his take-home pay to finance his future business.
For his privacy, I will refer to him as John. John hired a couple of his friends to run and manage his business while he stilled worked at the plant. He had saved a hundred thousand dollars for his business. With the money, he could rent the building and buy merchandise at wholesale prices. His goal was to work five more years to give his business time to grow.
Since his business was in its infancy, he worked extra hours just to make sure he had enough money to pay his employees. To encourage peak performance from his employees, he gave great incentives and commissions. They seemed very happy with the compensation plan.
Eight months later, he was out of business! I asked him what happened. He said that his employees sold the merchandise under the table and robbed him blind. With a look of sadness, he said, “I couldn’t pay the rent on the building, so I had to shut it down.”
Knowing it was his life savings, I modestly asked, “What are you going to do?” He said something that startled me. He said that he was going to relocate, borrow the money, and start over.
This time, he gazed at me with a serious look and said, “Man, this time I will hire only qualified people!” He went on to say, “I will also do a background check in order to know who’s in my business. I will handle my business like a business and not like a hobby.”
I asked him later, “Do you think hiring family and friends was a good idea?”
He said he would hire family and friends only if they were qualified and capable of handling the business. They would have to approach the business as a business. Most people would have given up.
I learned from this brother to never, ever give up.

Author's Bio: 

Robert was born in Sicily Island, Louisiana. He lived most of his teenaged life in Ferriday, Louisiana.

At the tender age of ten, after viewing Martin Luther King’s funeral broadcast on television, Robert knew right then that he wanted to make a difference. He and his sister integrated the lower elementary school in Ferriday, Louisiana.

Robert's mother was active in the civil rights movement and encouraged him to do the same.

Eventually, Robert joined the military and even fought in the Gulf war. After leaving the military, Robert found it hard to find a civilian job even with all of his experience. It was then that Robert decided to define his own destiny. Robert earned a degree in computers and electronics. He landed a job working as a maintenance man at a department store. Robert was introduced to Toastmasters, a speaking organization. This is where he acquired his public speaking skills. After going through so many challenges in life, Robert decided to put them on paper.
“I hope this book will encourage and motivate others to strive for success and never give up. Remember, it is the same day but a different story.” Succeed beyond adversity.
This is my second book, a revision of the first one, with extra entertainment and information. I hope you enjoyed it. I will keep my website updated with current information. Thanks, and have a blessed life.