Are you feeling bored or stressed out after long hours of work? If so, you should invite your friends to come over and have a terrific party at home. For a successful and truly fabulous party, make sure that you have exactly what you need for it. Plan your menu and choose to make dishes that are easy to prepare. You would not want to stress yourself out by making meals that take great efforts to prepare. After carefully planning the party menu, think of the perfect drink to accompany the dishes.

When it comes to cocktail drinks, margaritas are among the best ones that you should prepare. You can add variety to this drink so it will not taste and appear dull. You can serve it on the rocks or with crushed ice to make it refreshing.

If you need to get more ideas on how you can prepare a fabulous margarita, check out these tips.

1.Use the best brand of tequila and mixer for the drink.

The best margarita contains a perfect mix of tequila, limejuice and orange liqueur. If you want to come up with the best tasting cocktail drink, use the choicest brands of liqueur in the market. Grand Marnier has that smooth and perfect bittersweet taste that you might like. Triple Sec is fine, too, but it does not surpass the amazing goodness of Grand Marnier.

2. Choose the type of lime you wish that suits your preference in taste.

If you are after a bittersweet taste in margarita, Persian lime is the best fruit to use. In fact, this type of lime is more popular in margaritas in the U.S. However, others prefer Mexican lime in their drink because of its tart taste. You might also choose to use Meyer lemons to give the drink a milder taste. Just decide which lime you prefer to use, depending on the taste you are after.

3. Give the drink a fruity taste and aroma.

Fruits make the drink fabulous than it already is. You can put in pureed fruits such as watermelon, mango, strawberry or banana in your margarita. Check out a number of margarita recipes that use fruits in the mixture.

4. Add a wedge of lemon, lime or orange to the drink.

Every drink gets that fabulous appeal if it has a great presentation. After transferring the blended mixture into each margarita glass, garnish the rim with a lime or lemon wedge. You can also put coarse salt or sugar on the rim to give an additional taste to the drink. Lastly, add a skinny straw for that delightful appeal to the drink.

These are only a few brilliant ideas that you can try in making the margarita. You can definitely enjoy a great drink even at the comfort of your own home. Prepare an excellent glass of cocktail drink whether it is for a party or for a relaxing time at home. Consider these tips and you will definitely come up with a wonderful drink that you will love.

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