Microdermabrasion creams provide good exfoliation but are not as powerful as professional treatments. It would take you longer to obtain the results you want. Nevertheless, it is a good option to those who want to know how to exfoliate at home. They are very safe to use but before using any peeling method, it is advised to consult a dermatologist first about the condition of your skin.

You need not to have a trip at the beauty salon or derma clinic just to have microdermabrasion. You can do this procedure at your home. There is a wide variety of products in the market for those who want to be aware of microdermabrasion results. Before making a choice, make sure you know about them, their safety, effectiveness and cost to decide if they are right for you.

Microderm creams are among the most widely used exfoliation products. Such creams have exfoliating agent. They usually have aluminum oxide crystals that are used traditionally in professional treatments. But what you should know is that this solution works differently. The cream needs to be applied on the skin through the use of special applicator to enhance the abrasive crystal action. With professional treatments, the crystals are throbbed into the skin at rapid speed and sucked up by the vacuum that the professional machine uses.

Cloth microdermabrasion for home use is available also in the market. It has tightly woven microfibers with abrasive properties. Of all the home treatment options for exfoliation, cloth microdermabrasion is the least powerful. But when used appropriately, it can be perfectly safe as it does not have chemical agents.

Perhaps the most popular option for microdermabrasion at home is diamond microdermabrasion. This works in the same way as professional ones. The wand’s diamond tip works to exfoliate the skin. Simultaneously, its suction section picks up dead cells in the skin. The speed for the tool can be set at which it will rotate to determine the deepness of the exfoliation. This is a more expensive option but is said to provide effective results. It can be safely used at home, providing you with the deepest possible exfoliation.

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