As you age, you become increasingly vulnerable to cardiovascular health complications. In such times, you will do well to have a trustworthy provider by your side to optimize your health. Dr. Gary P Jones of Louisiana Cardiovascular and Thoracic Institute offers excellent services using cutting-edge equipment and procedures for precise diagnosis and treatment. If you feel like restoring your maximum health and wellness, contact the providers on the phone or using the online scheduler today.

About Practice

Louisiana Cardiovascular and Thoracic Institute is a premier cardiovascular health center dedicated to quality services to patients within Alexandria, Louisiana. Under fellowship-trained and board-certified cardiovascular and thoracic surgeon Gary P. Jones, MD, FACS, the clinic offers cutting-edge diagnostic testing and treatment services.

Together with his team, Dr. Jones offers comprehensive care for vascular and cardiac health issues, including peripheral artery disease, diabetes, atherosclerosis, and patent ductus arteriosus. Additionally, they provide innovative surgical interventions for the lungs, heart, and blood vessels, including aneurysm repair, stenting, and minimally invasive valve surgical services.

Louisiana Cardiovascular and Thoracic Institute further offers treatments for vascular health problems such as foot and leg ulcers. They also offer customized wound care to decrease the risk of infection and amputation.

Available Services

You can contact Gary P. Jones and his specialists at Louisiana Cardiovascular and Thoracic Health Institute for a wide range of quality services. Their treatment options include:

  • Vein Services Specialist- Close to 35% of American adults suffer from varicose veins. Fortunately, Louisiana Cardiovascular and Thoracic Institute provide innovative vein services to enhance your vascular health.
  • Wound Care Specialist- Almost 15% of people living with diabetes have a diabetic foot ulcer. At Louisiana Cardiovascular and Thoracic Institute, wound care expert Gary P. Jones offers customized wound care to reduce your risk of exposure to necrosis and amputation. If you have a stubborn wound, contact Louisiana Cardiovascular and Thoracic Institute for an effective treatment plan.
  • Peripheral Arterial Disease Specialist- Usually affecting the lower legs, PAD is a common vascular health complication. Your specialists at Louisiana Cardiovascular and Thoracic Institute offer excellent diagnosis and treatment for peripheral artery disease.
  • Diabetes Specialist- Individuals living with diabetes are about two to four times more likely to succumb to heart disease than those without diabetes. Gary P. Jones provides expert treatment for diabetes and other related vascular health conditions.
  • Vascular Services Specialist- Your vascular health is a vital component of your body's overall health and function. Your blood vessels transport oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to your whole body. Louisiana Cardiovascular and Thoracic Institute specialists offer innovative ultrasound-guided services to diagnose and treat your disease.
  • Surgical Services- If medical and non-surgical alternatives fail to revitalize your health, you should consider surgery. At Louisiana Cardiovascular and Thoracic Institute, expert providers offer a complete range of surgical services to solve cardiovascular and thoracic health complications.

Bottom Line

Are you ready to seek efficient solutions for cardiovascular and thoracic complications? Thanks to modern medicine, you can realize your optimal health with reliable methods. For an efficient treatment experience with a touch of compassion, contact the Louisiana Cardiovascular and Thoracic Institute experts today. Call the offices or schedule an online appointment.

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