Did you know there is a neurotransmitter in your body which plays a role in your bowel movements, changes in mood, creating blood clots and reducing your libido? It’s true. One specific neurotransmitter has its hand in all of these functions. And although they may not seem like they interact, this neurotransmitter can send signals to your brain from your gut.

The neurotransmitter we’re discussing is serotonin and although you may think of it as something in your brain, serotonin has a place just about everywhere in your body.

What is serotonin? As mentioned serotonin is a neurotransmitter. This means it’s responsible for sending signals to your brain about what is going on in your body. Although it can be found in your brain much of it is produced in the intestines as well.

Serotonin has many functions as you can see from the ones previously mentioned. But it is most commonly spoken about when discussing depression. Because a large responsibility of serotonin is to regulate mood, its role in depression and other mood disorders is often studied.

The common belief is, low levels of serotonin result in depression and anxiety, but new research has uncovered it may actually be the opposite.

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