Today Exchanging cards are a celebrated symbol of Valentines Day. Every one from young to old, make an expression of love and emotion through Valentines Day card. A very interesting thing about this Day is that after Christmas Valentines Day is the second largest card exchanging holiday in U.S AND India. In order to popularity Valentines Day gifts are exchanged between children’s, students, soul mate, sweethearts and friends. Now a day, Valentines Day E-card is very much popular because of its cost effectiveness, instantaneous delivery and massive use of internet.

Valentines Day card History

Tradition of exchanging Valentines Day cards is begun as in 1400's.The firstWritten valentines card is given to Charles - Duke of Orleans. The card has been preserved by British Library. The manufacturing of Valentines Day card began in 16century and 18 century on a large scale. In this century introduction of penny post and printing technology made cards affordable for general people and helped to increase the popularity of cards. In the middle of 1800s factory workers made Valentines Day cards by printing black and white picture. By the end of the century, the cards were manufactured by machines and were reborn with flowers, gold, and so many decoration colors. In early 1900's a card company called Norcross - began to manufacture Valentines Day Cards. Several others followed like Hallmark and the popularity of the cards sold over the year.

Valentine's Day is one of the more romantic and caring days of the year; it is a special day that is certainly not reserved only for lovers, but for family and friends. Whether you make sure to set aside time for yourself and your loved ones, or show them how much you care, Valentine’s Day has been a stop-and-smell-the-roses day for over ten centuries, since the alleged origin of the day with the Romans. In a time when the lives of young men and women were not at all as intertwined as they are today, a tradition existed in which young men would pick the names of girls out of a container and spend a day with the chosen damsel. More often than not, they would eventually marry, sometimes years down the line.

Valentine's Day Card Ideas

Here are some tips and ideas to help you to give a perfect Valentine's Day gift or Card to your sweetheart:

• Buy cards when you have plenty of free time so that you have so many ideas and thought to select a perfect gift or card with ease. If you are good in painting making then you may also make a handmade Valentine's Day cards.

• Write a paragraph or poem on the blank side. If you have a creative thought then its better to compose your own line that reflects your own feelings.

• If it is possible then paste a picture of your sweetheart or a picture of you both it create a own memory of you both on this valentines day.

• List out reasons why you love your Valentine and write them in detail. Include specific memories and activity when he or she touched your heart.

• Spray a little perfume in the card to charm your love to your soul mate.

• Accompany the card with a bouquet of fresh flowers and a thoughtful gift.

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