Graduates of horticulture courses are bound for opportunities that can be both professionally satisfying and personally rewarding. Indeed, these are excellent choices when thinking about your career, not to mention that very few courses can equal or surpass horticulture when it comes to caring for the environment. Individuals who love the outdoors and are extremely passionate about gardening will find these courses helpful in their search for a job that they can truly put their hands and hearts into.

What are the jobs waiting for qualified horticulture diploma or horticulture certificate graduates? There are so many to mention in a single article and these can range from tending to a small farm or garden to managing your own landscaping business. The thing about horticulture is that it is not all soil science; you can combine several other skills like management and design to grab a more fulfilling career. There are exciting career paths that you probably haven’t associated with horticulture yet. Some of these are:

1. Designer – Be part of a team or lead one that pumps creative juices to make appealing and practical gardens. You can work for landscape design firms or offer your services as a freelancer. Designers are needed mostly in indoor facilities where every square foot is precious and therefore must be maximized. Many designers also render services for huge and open spaces like parks and gardens. Others work with real estate developers in designing village entrance, clubhouse and other facilities where plants are needed.

2. Researcher – While you can be a researcher for agricultural and academic institutes, working for gardening magazines or home makeover TV shows may pique your interest more. There is a huge market for gardening and media can’t simply overlook this. As they make articles or programs for gardening enthusiasts, they need the help of experts in the field of horticulture. Who knows, you may even be featured to share tips and knowledge!

3. Blogger – Start a gardening blog, gain readers and start to make money. Of course, this is not as simple as it sounds because you need to offer something informative and unique to attract page views. Aside from taking courses in horticulture, you also need to have a flair for writing as well as understand how blogging works. Photography is an optional skill especially if someone will do this for you. If you’re more comfortable doing videos or your writing skill is admittedly weak, then go for video blogging instead. In fact, videos work well in mostly how-to subjects like gardening.

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