Many people groan when the hear the word ‘ Goal Setting’ as it seems a unnecessary and dull process. I am going to share with you a fun, inspiration goal setting process which will keep you motivated and help you stay on track towards your goals. Setting a goal is really important and will increase your chances of long term success and will also assist keeping you on track on a daily basis. It is also a process, you may be glad to hear, which involves sitting down for 30 minutes and no rigorous exercise
Ready? Pick up a pen and make yourself comfortable.

Step 1 – Choose an area of your life that you would like to set a goal in. This could be anything from relationships, health, family, friendships, finances etc. Now write down what you are NOT happy with when it comes to this area of your life.

Health Example: Overweight, lack of motivation to exercise, clothes too tight, insufficient time / energy to exercise, eating too much junk food, eating between meals, find it difficult to stick to your weight loss program.

Emotional Example – Worry what people think. Feel guilty. Lack of confidence. Just don’t feel happy with life.

Financial Example – In debt, lack of savings, waste too much money, don’t earn enough money.

Step 2 – Write down how you REALLY would like things to be! Don’t hold back – Go for your perfect outcome!

Health Example: Lose 10kg easily, feel motivated to exercise, find it easy to eat healthy meals, feeling great inside and out, look and feel fabulous and sexy.

Emotional Example: Feel confident, speak up for myself, happy in who I am, love and accept myself. Loving Life!

Financial Example: Save $100 per week, stick to my budget, pay rise of $$$ per month

Step 3 : Set a realistic date for when you want to achieve your goal.

Step 4 : Write a goal using positive language and make it exciting! Try to be as specific as you can. E.g. Include target weight and desired weight loss amount / amount you want to save etc.

Health Goal Example: It is June 1st 2010 and I am so happy now that I have achieved my target goal weight of 75kg. I found really easy to lose 10kg and I love the way I now look and feel. I have plenty of energy and time in my day to exercise and enjoy working out at least 3 times a week for a minimum of 40 minutes. I feel so confident and I love looking at myself in the mirror admiring my new body shape. I find it so easy to both cook and eat healthy meals. I look and feel fantastic!

Emotional Goal example: It is July 23rd and I feel so happy and light. My self esteem is growing every day and I feel very confident in all situations. I am assertive and honour my emotions. I love and accept myself and always take time to nurture and take care of myself. I never beat myself up but always speak kindly and lovingly to myself and others. I look forward to what every day brings.

Financial Goal: It is Nov 2010 and I find it easy to save over $100 per week. My salary is 150k per year and I love what I do. I have cleared all of my debt easily and feel so free and liberated. I love sticking to my budget and enjoy watching my savings grow. I give and receive money easily and my money works hard for me.

Step 4 - Visualise!
When you have written your goal, take time to visualise. Sit quietly and imagine how your life is now that you have achieved your goal. How do you look and feel? See yourself with a big happy smile on your face!

Step 5 – Read your goal every day
Try laminating your goal and placing it in the shower where you can read it at least once a day. The more you read it, the more you will achieve it.

Step 6 – Use positive thoughts.
Try repeating the following statements first thing in the morning or while you are working out. Repeated positive statement will help dispel any negative thoughts you have about yourself and will support the achievement of your goals.
• I deserve to achieve my goal and I accept it now
• I find it easy to exercise three times a week
• I am my perfect weight
• I can do it!
• I am relaxed and stress free
• My self esteem is growing every day
• I am debt free
• I save money easily
• I love and approve of myself
Remember too that your goals will change as time goes on so make sure you adjust them on a regular basis.

Step 7 - TAKE ACTION!!!!
Look at your goal and work out what steps you can take to achieve you goal. Set yourself mini targets of things you can achieve each week.

Health Example – Get gym membership, plan meals, only have healthy foods in house, Join fitness club / weight watchers, leave work early and exercise.

Emotional Example – Practise affirmations, do a course, read a self esteem book, meditate, do exercise, do one nice thing for self every day

Financial Example – Set up a savings account and direct debit, set self a budget, update resume, speak to manager about what you can do to obtain pay rise.

Finally – If you need any help in setting yourself some action steps for your goals, please do not hesitate to contact me!

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Lisa Phillips is a writer and Life Coach based in Sydney Australia. Sign up for Lisa's newsletter at or follow her for a lighter look at sprituality at