The Amazon e-commerce giant in talks to return the Trading Platform led by Influencer Trell, the first direct investment in an Indian e-commerce company, said two people were aware of this problem, asking for anonymity.
Amazon can invest $ 50-80 million
as part of Round Trell $ 150 million that raises, assessing about one billion dollars, giving it unicorn tags that are coveted - private internet companies worth more than a billion dollars, these people said. Existing investors like Mirae and H & M fashion retailers will also invest.
Trell starts as a community-based social network to discuss and exchange lifestyle trends, and is part of the Indian Accelerator program surge at the end of 2019. It becomes a led influencer platform which also builds the e-commerce layer above, enters the hot space above, Entering hot spaces with startups such as Bulbul, Simsim and Exanek.
The founder and CEO of Pulkit Agarwal did not respond to comments that were looking for emails while Amazon refused to comment.
Trell monthly active users stood at 68 million, doubling the year-on-year, while the trade platform carried 800,000 orders a month, burning around RS 15 Crore a month, someone was aware of the problem. MoneyControl cannot confirm its income immediately.
Still an early bet for investors. Assessment of at least a year before time. But they utilize the video trade market and sales assisted. And they are noisy good. But it's not near a successful business, "said an investor who evaluated Trell, asked for anonymity.
Trell was worth $ 120 million when they raised $ 45 million in July from the Mirae network, H & M, KTB, Samsung Ventures, and FOSUN RZ Capital.
The agreement will also mark Amazon's biggest bet at the Indian startup so far, beyond its investment in Acko Startup Insurance and floating loan capital.
If retail of video and influencer-LED is the next e-commerce generation, Amazon needs an entry. This is not just a financial investment, but the way to get a view of people in how
space works and its real potential," said a retail analyst, who didn't Want to be named because of a personal deal discussion.
FLIPKART rivals partnered with Sharechat owned MOJ for trading vidio/a>
directly last year, raising its stakes for this sector. Accel-backed simsim, another commerce video retailer, acquired by YouTube around $ 70 million last year.
Although video commerce has been seen as the next retail border of India, along the line of Pampaoduo China, and JD and Taobao belonging to Alibaba, a clear winner that has arisen from income has not yet appeared. The company has struggled with high customer acquisition costs and a low conversion rate. How many individual influencers will apply and any startup relationship with them, and whether it is mutually beneficial, it still has to be seen.

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