Excuse me while I Kiss the Sky

The words of the title of this article are words which were made famous by the late Rock musician named Jimmi Hendrix. He was talking about a totally different type of experience than I am but I like the wording so excuse me while I kiss the sky.

This has got to be the mindset that the winner maintains. If you look up you will go up, but if you look down you will go down. Keep your head up and you will remain in that realm. If you want to rise above you need to keep your mind above. Wherever the head goes the body will follow.

Things will very seldom go the way that you want them to go but one characteristic of a winner is that he knows how to make lemonade from the lemons that life will give him. The more lemonade that you make the more that you can sell. So my advice to you is to become a lemonade making expert.

When the situation is bad people will respond to the way that you react. You have to see it even if you don’t feel it. Sometimes your feelings may be stronger than your vision but the key is finding it in yourself to allow your vision to prevail. Others won’t buy into it if they see you wavering during a hard test. Sometimes the value of a test is to allow you to analyze your own commitment. In this case hard situations should be appreciated. Look at tough times as times of the most opportunity. Learn how to take advantage of the wisdom that they create. When you make it through you will be that much stronger because of it.

People will respond to your enthusiasm. Enthusiasm demonstrates that you believe in vision. Sometimes others won’t see the vision because it is not necessarily theirs. Once you have made it to the end of the problem they will have more respect and a deeper commitment to your vision and goals also.

Passion will take you places where experience or knowledge just can’t. Passion surpasses knowledge and experience. Passion will keep you in the fight when all of the knowledge and experience that you have won’t do a thing to help you. Passion will tell you to drive forward when knowledge and experience tell you that you need to give up.

People who are passionate about their goals tend to be passionate about everything else. The person who is a winner may have an attitude that is just hard to deal with. The passionate person will be passionate about everything else in life to include relations. It will take a person who is equally passionate just to deal with him or her. There are no timeouts in life for the passionate person. Everything is full speed ahead.

This is the type athlete that all sports coaches like because passion, or heart, will win out in the end. Passion will take you to the end of an event when you are out of gas and strength.

I have heard the term “Go to your happy place,” mentioned when it comes to Special Forces trainees. The phrase is meant to cause them to learn how to take their minds off the pain and stress that they endure during training. If I could rephrase it I would tell them to just kiss the sky. The Good Life

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