Contrary to the other forms of housing structures in the city-state of Singapore, executive condominiums or ECs have something to offer to people from varying sections of the society. The executive condominiums are dished out by the Housing & Development Board of Singapore, and can only be acquired and occupied by a citizen of the city-state. The property acquisition laws of the state forbids a foreigner from being eligible to purchase a flat, apartment or executive condominium developed by the HDB (at least for the first ten years). However, for a citizen of the state, these housing structures form the ideal options for living a contented and comfortable in the city.

Executive condominiums or ECs for professionals

One of the most important desires of every professional in the city is to have a home close to their workplaces so that they do not have to spend hours and a whole lot of effort and money on traveling to and from their workplaces every day. With executive condominiums being located in every business and industrial district of the city-state, professional executives will now be able to obtain homes close to their workplaces. This will help them save more time, which can be fruitfully utilized with family or on other important endeavors.

Executive condominiums or ECs for retirees

People who have recently retired often wish to move out of the city in order to lead a life of peace away from constant buzz of city life. Moreover, recently retired people also have the desire to downsize from their large homes in order to cut down on their expenses. Executive condominiums offer the ideal solution to these people. They offer the peace and quiet of the suburbs, and also help such people to lower their expenses. Moreover, the ECs of Singapore act as the perfect place to lead a post-retirement life in the city as the locations are surrounded with lush green scenery all around along with the much-desired healthy environment.

Executive condominiums or ECs for families

Executive condominiums like the Signature at Yishun have a great deal to offer to families due to their locations and facilities. Owing to their supreme locations, they offer a great deal of educational opportunities to children, as well as allow families to obtain their essentials and have access to important amenities with sufficient ease. Moreover, these ECs also allow people to enjoy the city life of Singapore at minimal expenses. Due to the prices of the ECs being so low, along with the cost of living being reduced greatly, it helps people to save a lot of money that they can utilize in order to enhance their lifestyle in the city significantly.

Hence, it can be seen that executive condominiums like the Signature at Yishun EC have something in store for people from all backgrounds and sections of the society. People only need to sort out their priorities and look for an EC in Singapore that would provide them with the necessary facilities and features that would help them to lead a comfortable life in the city.

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Having worked with executive condos like the Signature at Yishun for a major part of her career, Maryann Wilson now helps the people of Singapore obtain the best ECs like the Signature at Yishun EC.