With the massive growth of business avenues, the competition in the sector has also shot up. As a result, graduates from the business fields are now open to exploring beyond primary career paths and taking post-graduate studies. An MBA degree trains you further, helping you with expertise and opening up several new scopes.

There are options available for graduates who want to pursue MBA along with their Jobs. As per their suitability and preferences, one can choose between an Executive MBA course or go for PGDMB (Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management). An Executive MBA degree from the best MBA Colleges in Hyderabad and across the country is quite a popular degree now. It is a go-to option for students who want to pursue their MBA courses along with a full-time Job.
To effectively select the right course, you should have clarity about your skillsets, career aspirations and area of interest.

Here are the differences between Executive MBA and PGDMB:

Subjects PGDMB:
Essentials of Marketing Management
Management Accounting
Economics for Managers
Human Resource Management
Consumer Behaviour
Project Management
Advanced Business Communication
Rural Marketing
Leadership & Capacity Building

Subjects: MBA Executive
Economics for Managers
Marketing Management
Human Resource Management
Management Accounting
Legal Aspects of Business
Advanced Business Communication
Fundamentals of Innovation
Business Transformation and Organizational Turnaround
Business Analytics

The Importance of university affiliation and Degree
Top business schools in Hyderabad, like SIBM, offering an executive MBA Degree, are affiliated with prestigious universities. It adds more value to the degree when your course ends. On the other hand, PGDM courses are usually affiliated with autonomous institutes like Great Learning, IIMs, XLRI, NMIMS, MDI, etc.

Enrollment Process
Entrance exams are required for enrollment in both Executive MBA and PGDM programmes because most colleges and universities accept them. However, some universities might not need these marks. A handful of colleges also uses unique entry exams to select eligible candidate.

Although both of these executive programmes are intended for professionals who wish to advance in their area, a PGDM programme is frequently suggested for graduates with fewer than five years of work experience. Candidates who have graduated from business schools proceed to apply for positions in entry-level management.

On the other hand, the executive MBA programme is specially created for the highly experienced working class who wish to improve their company management skills and take on leadership jobs.

Principal areas of these courses' concentration
An executive MBA course aims to improve students' overall technical expertise by exposing them to various theoretical ideas. On the other hand, a PGDM executive programme primarily prepares students for real-time circumstances.

Both MBA courses have their own sets of benefits. Depending upon your career objectives, you should choose the one which aligns the best with your preferences.
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An Executive MBA degree from the best MBA Colleges in Hyderabad and across the country is quite a popular degree now.