As the United States continues to become more and more obese despite being one of the richest countries in the world, is there a solution? Is there anything out their available that will really help?

One plant may be the solution to the lack of nutrition found in most American diets. Over the years it is interesting to note that as people from other parts of the world move to the United States and start eating the Standard American Diet (SAD isn't that appropriate) they begin to have the same issues with their health that Americans do. Shouldn't this be a wakeup call that the FDA is not protecting the citizens of the United States from harmful additives to our food ? Is this not enough evidence as the problem of obesity grows in our children and more than 1,000 people die each day to obesity related diseases that there is a problem?
Now is the time to for each person to take responsibility, due research and change what you are doing.
I am a mother of 8 children and people are constantly amazed that my children have never had a prescription drug in their life, ( My oldest is 24 years old). The other amazing fact is that their father has been diagnosed with diabetes, bipolar disorder, paranoia, manic depression and borderline schizophrenia. All of these diagnosis happened after we were divorced plus he has gained over a 120lbs, the difference is that when we were married we ate real food, (not processed) and we use supplements to add nutritional components that are missing in our food.
The best most complete nutrition that I have found is in the Moringa Olifera plant. This plant contains over 90 plus nutrients that feed and nourish our bodies, along with anti-inflammatories, minerals and 19 essential ( reread that these are ESSENTIAL) amino acids that assist our bodies to function properly.
As I was looking for an easy way to get all of this nutrition I came across a company that put it into a powder form that is easy to drink each and every day. By having all of this in a drink form it is absorbed into your body before it gets to the stomach and gives you even more nutrition and is even tastes good. I have my children and myself drink this everyday and the change in our moods is amazing. With excellent nutrition it is so much easier to function, have energy, move and think that it is well worth the cost.

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Author's Bio: Moringa Oliferia has been studied by John Hopkins University and recommended by Dr. Oz. Look for more information at