What example have you set? What is your legacy? Will others who stand where you once stood be able to follow your path to success? The chronicle of you is more important than you could ever imagine. To give the gift of hope and inspiration to another is priceless. To empower another person to take control of their destiny is an investment in a better future for all of us. To do this we need to set an example for success. A ‘how to” guide of sorts is required. Although there is no set path for everyone, your example will help others recognize the opportunities and choices available to them.

It is in the giving of options that true empowerment is found. If we keep our journey to ourselves we are unable to impress upon this world our legacy. It is our legacy that teaches. Exemplary successes are created with a consciousness for tomorrow. We must develop a collection of exemplary figures and a chronicle of their chosen paths to empower the next generation. Entrepreneurs are at the forefront of this community. If you are an entrepreneur or aspire to be one, how will you take record f your successes and experiences? Below are a few suggestions for how you can begin developing a legacy that will impact the world for generations to come.

1. Write a book and maintain a hand written account of your plans, experiences and reflections.

2. Speak to others about your dream. Tell as many people as you can and ask them to tell others.

3. Find a mentor. By finding and making note of those who have come before you, you become a link in the chain of history.

The things that we do are examples for everyone. Whether it is a failure or success, it is a teaching tool. More importantly it teaches a lesson that will elude many of us throughout our lifetime. It is the lesson that possibility resides in the seemingly impossible.

Author's Bio: 

Lyndsey Shaffer is the co- founder of the Onyx Six - Women of Color Business Network http://www.onyxsix.com. Onyx Six is a business development network committed to creating a supportive and influential community of minority women entrepreneurs and professionals. Contact Lyndsey Shaffer by visiting http://www.lyndseyshaffer.com.