If you are among those busy individuals who do not have time to go to a gym, then you might as well just exercise at home without equipment.Enrolling for a gym membership might not be possible for you because of your very tight schedule at work.So to help solve your dilemma, here are various exercises that you can simply do at home without the use of any equipment.


Jogging is the best exercises that you can do at home, as it does not require you to own a field or a lawn just to perform this exercise. And what’s great is that there are so many benefits that you can get out of jogging, for aside from being the best cardiovascular exercises, it also works your entire legs and whole body as well.So take time to jog at home even for 30 min. each day and make sure to get yourself a pair of comfortable jogging shoes to avoid hurting your feet.


Ab crunches is the best way to get that perfect abs that everyone is dying to have. To do this, like your back on the floor and bend your knees to come up with a 90-degree angle. And after that, place both your hands behind your head and tuck your abs in then start your crunches with your back lying on the floor.


Lunges are also considered as the best exercise at home without equipment for it works your entire hips and legs. Make sure to stand upright when performing this exercise and begin by taking a big step forward using your left leg, while bending your right knee at the same time. Afterwards, push yourself back up in order to go back to a standing position and then taking the next step by alternating both left and right legs.

Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks is considered as the most enjoyable exercise that you can simply do at home without the help of any equipments. This fun-filled activity is a great exercise that will work your hands, legs, as well as your thigh muscles. Begin this exercise by standing on both feet, with your arms placed on your sides, and then tuck your abs in, while jumping as high as you can, with your knees bending.

Rotation exercises

This is done by rotating your wrists in both clockwise and counter clockwise direction. After that, rotate your feet alternately in the same way that you rotate your wrists and then place both hands on your shoulders and then rotate your shoulders in the same way. You can also lie flat on your back to do a rotation exercise, by lifting your left leg and rotating it clockwise and then rotating the other leg afterwards.

Aside from these exercises mentioned above, there are several other home exercises that you can perform at home even without the use of equipments. But make sure that when you exercise at home without equipment, always wear proper exercise outfits in order to be able to perform the exercises well. You may also play your favorite dance music in the background in order to make the mood lively. Now that you've got the essential knowledge on the perfect workout that will help you build your muscles, you need to be careful about your eating habits.

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