While there are some athletes who really like exercise and sports, most modern people can agree that physical exercise is not a pleasant job. Over 200 MDs, teaching the Buteyko breathing therapy in Russia, and other health care professionals performed several millions of simple body oxygenation tests (stress free variation of the breath holding time test done after usual exhalation and without any pushing themselves) on thousands of sick and healthy (energetic) people. It was discovered that:

A. Severely sick and hospitalized patients, who fight with death, have less than 10 seconds of O2 in the body. Even walking is difficult for them and light physical exercise can be fatal. (All these effects relate to chronic hyperventilation syndrome present at rest.)

B. People with mild forms of diseases (or those whose life is a struggle with symptoms of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, epilepsy, COPD, chronic fatigue, etc.) have between 10 and 20 seconds for the body O2 level. They may possibly attempt light exercise, however these people begin to breathe heavily through the lips, and there are actually no health benefits following the exercise, although mental pressure can be significant. It is known that oral breathing throughout exercise frequently leads to asthma episodes, cerebrovascular accidents, cardiovascular exacerbations, etc.

C. Nevertheless, if the very same individuals have got over 20 seconds of oxygen, by exercising the Buteyko breathing technique exercises, they are able to moderately work out having strictly nose breathing and then these people always really feel improved following the exercise sessions and also their acute attacks aren't possible (due to inhaled nitric oxide produced in nasal airways and increased carbon dioxide in body cells).

D. When they finally overcome 1 minute for the body O2 test, they begin to crave physical exercise saying they've got a lot of vigor and they also discover their happiness in exercising.

Body O2 level is dependent primarily upon our unconscious breathing pattern. Once we respire within the professional medical norms (the minute ventilation pertaining to standard breathing is around 6 liters of air for every minute at rest), the body O2 content (exhale normally and hold breath but just until primary indicators of pressure) is about 40 seconds. In fact, a large number of health-related scientific studies carried out over a hundred years back discovered that normal individuals possessed around 50-70 seconds of oxygen. It had been prior to the industrial revolution, when most of the people had around 6-9 hours or physical activity, together with nose breathing only, each day.

Contemporary healthy people inhale and exhale much more air (up to 9-12 Liters per minute at rest) compared to the norm, although their body oxygenation is actually down to 20-30 seconds. In ill individuals, breathing is usually even bigger: about 12-20 Liters per minute, as many western professional medical articles discovered (for the Table with more than 30 published western scientific studies that established weighty or deep and fast breathing or chronic hyperventilation in the sick people, visit the resource box below). Consequently, the suffering people have decreased body O2 content (below 20 seconds for the DIY breath holding time test), and this clarifies the reason why physical exercise is actually difficult for these people.

Breathing normalization restores cell O2 content and makes physical exercise easy and enjoyable. There are various breathing techniques (e.g., Frolov breathing device therapy, Buteyko breathing method, Amazing DIY breathing device therapy, etc.) that change one's basal breathing pattern and improve body oxygen levels. You need to change your breath pattern 24/7 and that requires lifestyle changes that improve breathing and oxygen transport.

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Hyperventilation Syndrome provides the Table that summarizes 34 medical studies related to heavy breathing for people with heart disease, cancer, diabetes, sleep apnea, cystic fibrosis, and so on.

Hyperventilation Prevalence is a summary of over 20 research publications that prove that modern "normal subjects" breathe at rest about 2 times more air than the medical norm.

Hence, exercise is not joy for most modern people due to cell hypoxia and heavy breathing at rest.

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