Can exercises lose thigh fat.

No doubt you will have seen exercises that are promoted and clever devices that people try to sell you that claim to get rid of thigh fat (or from any other part of the body). All that they do in fact is tone up certain muscles in your thighs but do not actually get rid of fat there. but can exercises lose thigh fat? Actually it is not possible to shed fat from one area alone just by working on that area.

Actually if you consider it if you do not shed fat then by bulking up those muscles then all that will happen is that you will make your thighs even bigger. You must concentrate on losing fat all over in order to lose it in particular areas. Once you comprehend that then you will begin to understand what you must do in order to get the result you actually want.

What exercises do I suggest then.

1)Running is undoubtedly one of the most effective exercises there is. Although the legs do most of the work you will find that the arms will also be used to good effect also.

2)Walking is not as effective but if you are not particularly fit then is a good place to start. From there as you gain fitness you should be able to build up to a jog and finally a run as time goes on.

3)Cycling. is one of my favorite ways to exercise. I particularly like the fact that it is possible to cover considerable distances and therefore see and enjoy the scenery. OK you may not be as lucky as I am. I live in a particularly beautiful area and there is scenery aplenty (steep hills too which sometimes makes it a bit harder than I like!

4)Swimming is a whole body exercise that will help burn off fat and tone up many muscles.

5)What about sports? Any sport involving movement and getting slightly out of breath is great. Soccer, tennis, squash spring to mind but there are plenty out there to try.

The thing is that you need to find a sport or exercise that suits you best. While cycling might be my bag then you want something that YOU enjoy. Getting pleasure from your chosen exercise makes it so much easier to keep it going.

So how do these exercises to lose thigh fat actually work?

1) You burn off calories and the body converts fat to provide the energy to exercise. You have to bear in mind though that it takes 3500 calories worth of exercise to burn off 1lb of fat so burning off fat by exercise alone is a long laborious process. This is where the other factor comes into play.

2) The more you exercise. the more muscle you develop and muscle is the most efficient calorie burning tissue there is. You are in effect making your body healthier and a far more efficient fat burning machine.

It has to be said though that the most crucial part of any regime to lose thigh fat has to be your diet. If you are burning more calories than you take in then you will lose weight if you are doing the opposite then you will gain weight. Simple as that.

I suggest a healthy, balanced, calorie counted diet to keep your body at its best. Again an efficient healthy body is best at shifting fat.

So in conclusion can exercises lose thigh fat? Well of course they can if followed in conjunction with a healthy diet. You can achieve the figure you are looking for.

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