Exercise routines should be selected corresponding to age and particular demands. Women over 40 face special challenges - their exercise routines should include strength training, cardiovascular exercises and flexibility training to cover all these challenges. All too often, a workout is only aiming at one or two of these 3 areas. Read on discover why women over 40 need all three components included in a satisfying workout routine.

Women over 40 have a higher risk of osteoporosis compared to younger women. You can bring down the risk for osteoporosis by increasing bone density utilizing strength training. You will get a better appearance as well, because strength training helps to shape your body. You will move and feel more powerful, people will unconsciously pick up on this and perceive you as more capable, stable and energetic. Strength training overrides the process of reduced muscle mass when becoming older. The metabolism slows down after age 40 also. If you add muscle to your body, the muscles will burn calories what assists you being slim and attractive.

Cardiovascular training is another way to counterbalance the slower metabolism at age 40+. Getting your heart rate up on a daily basis gets your fat burning processes going- assisting you to lose weight permanently. The best manner to do cardio is doing interval training with short 30 seconds outbursts of activity followed by 2-3 minutes of cooling off. Over 40 we have a advanced danger of cardiovascular diseases, and cardio training reduces this risk greatly. Good cardio exercise routines involve the whole body- for example swimming.

Our bodies tend to become tighter and tighter as we get older. Many women over 40 move differently compared to women in their twenties. To recover a youthful appearance flexibility training is essential. It will help you with the side-effects of strength training too: When doing strength training you are flexing and shortening the muscles, flexibility training makes the muscles longer. In the warming up and cooling down phase of your workouts flexibility training will help you as well. Many women love to do flexibility training using Yoga. Stress is decreased by doing Yoga too- this will help you manage your weight as well.

You might ask: How much should I exercise? As always, it depends on your goals. If you want to lose weight by exercising you will have to spend quite some time on calorie-burning cardio training. If you want to remain a youthful appearance you might not have to commit that much time, but you will probably have to do more flexibility and strength training.

If you exercise 6-7 days a week you'll get much more progress compared to exercising 2-3 days a week. If you spend half an hour every day on exercising you will get an energy boost that will assist you greatly through your day, what might motivate you to exercise even longer.

In this article I've covered the three crucial elements of exercise routines for women over 40: Strength training, cardiovascular training and flexibility training. You need all three of them.

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