Health is wealth. People of all ages need exercise to keep their bodies healthy and active. But this requirement increases with age. For an elder person, he needs to take some indoor and outdoor exercise daily to keep his body fit and working properly.

Exercise can keep them free from many diseases. Sarcopenia is a problem of muscle wasting, which starts in the thirties. But those who do not have the habit of regular exercise, sitting and working year after year, their risk increases even more. Sadly, sarcopenia is a common cause of aging that cannot be avoided. It's a lot like twisting hair or folding face. However, with regular exercise, it is possible to slow down the onset of sarcopenia.

The following bed exercises for elderly
will help them to strengthen their shoulders, legs, and hands without necessarily getting out of their bed. Some of these exercises include.

Supine Leg Marches

This exercise is actually meant to exercise the legs, arms, and core muscles.

  • Place your legs horizontally on the bed and, with the knees bent, straighten your back with your hands sideways.
  • Lift your bottoms away from the bed until your body is horizontal on a bed.
  • Take up at least 1 leg away from the bed as you press harder into your auxiliary heel. Do not straighten your legs for better muscle exercise.
  • Get your knee toward the upper body until its straight with your bums.
  • Now retire your arms to the bed and repeat with the other side.
  • Repeat the exercise for 20 or 25 repetitions.

Reverse Crunches
The purpose for this exercise is your lower abdominal. Although it involves slower movements it significantly enhances your general stability since it doesn’t depend on either momentum or gravity.

  • While on your back, set your hands on your other side and palms down.
  • Maintaining your legs straight, use hands to hoist your legs just before your face. Continue lifting the legs until toes touch the bedpost.
  • When you are placing your abdomen fully, get back your arms to the bed. However, your lower back remains on the mattress for better results. It will feel like rib knitting as you pull your tummy button towards your backbone.
  • Repeat a minimum of 20 repetitions and every three times you can take a 30-second rest to eliminate unnecessary fatigue.

Straight Leg Lifts

The Premier target of this exercise is the upper thigh quadriceps. It's a perfect physical therapy, particularly for those who have knee problems or are unbalanced.

  • While keeping your legs straight, stay straight on your back toes pointing ceiling and feet flexed.
  • Pick up one leg to around 45 degrees from the bed and ensure to connect the quadriceps.
  • When the leg is at that position, keep up that position for about two seconds and bring off the leg back to the bed.
  • Do it for about 12 to 15 times each time alternating the arms.

Besides, they also need some outdoor exercise for keeping their body fit and utilizing healthy life. Some exercise is given below.

Stationary cycling

Stationary cycling is a prominent form of aerobic exercise and the best part is that it will have no effect on your joints, so there is very little chance of injury. This is very effective for the elderly.


Swimming is a great form of aerobic exercise because your joints do not fall under heavy pressure as your body weight is supported by water. Swimming is very effective for people suffering from arthritis and osteoporosis.


Yoga is a very effectiveexercise for older people.
This is very effective for those who have problems with the joints. The yoga exercises in the Tai-Chi class are very effective. It brings peace of mind.


Calisthenics is exercises that involve your entire body-weight and they are a great way to train strength and balance.

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