Excercises are about one of the most effective ways to add to your height. applying synthetic drugs or food supplements, lead a good life with enough to eat and time to rest, the results redarding height may not be pronounced especially when you are older than 18 years until you complement it with body stretching exercises. The bones of the body actually determine our heights and facts abound that the spine can still stretch even until 30 years of age. Scientists who study the human anatomy aver that 35% of the human height is determined by the spine, its flexibility and fragility makes it the easiest human bone stretchable; it stretches in bits from the tail bone way up to the joint in just under the skull.

Participating in sports like swimming and basketball have a significant effect in adding to your height. Taking part in these sports aids the stretching of the spine and other bones.

In-as-much as you don't participate in such sports, daily exercises can suffice Some of the best, yet very simple exercises that can enhance height include:

Touch Toes: Stand on your two feet and stretch your hands towards the ceiling, bend over and try to touch your toe but keep the knees straight.. The first few attempts might feel difficult, but with constant trial, you will master it.

Hanging: Gravity remains a big obstacle to growing taller, we spend most of our time in a vertical position and gravity keeps compressing the spine and joints squeezing the cartilage and making us shorter. To counter the effects of gravity, simply hanging from swings releases the weight of the lower torso and stretches the spine, reducing the tension between the vertebrae.

Pull Ups: Pull ups are excellent for stretching the lower back and helps the shoulder bone and biceps to open up. Hanging, and pull ups are a veritable combination to further advance HGH (Human Growth Hormone).

Bow Down: Try stretching by doing a little warm up on the bed with the back against a wall, raise up your hands and just stretch. Moderation is the watchword, stretch a bit at a time but as frequent as daily.

Pelvic Shift: The effect of this exercise is awesome, it relaxes the pelvic and stretches it too Lie on your back with your shoulders and arms firmly planted on the floor, bend the knees and draw your feet as close to the buttocks as possible arching your back so that the pelvic thrusts forward.

Eating good food, having enough rest and taking dietary supplements will aid adding more heights, but the most effective way to gain more inches is to indulge in body stretching exercises regularly.

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