Exercises To Cure Premature Ejaculation: Prolong Premature Ejaculation - Beat Premature Ejaculation

If you want permanent results 100 percent naturally ejaculation exercises could be your best bet. You won't have to worry about the side effects of pharmaceuticals. You will probably have longer and harder erections. If you really apply yourself to the exercises and techniques, you could find yourself lasting over an hour in bed.

One of the great advantages of exercises is that no one need ever know about your problems as they will be done in private whereas going to the doctor may make some individuals self conscious.

Although pharmaceuticals can work quickly or even immediately they are far from ideal. Some work by desensitisation which can greatly reduce enjoyment of the lovemaking session. In the long run exercises will train you to be able to handle high levels of arousal without ejaculating prematurely. Once you have trained yourself the change will be permanent.

Both physical and psychological factors can have a negative effect on premature ejaculation. Some suggest a genetic factor involving either parents or grandparents. This is no reason to get despondent. This affliction is by no means a life sentence even if you believe it is in your genes. Many people have been cured, permanently. Physical and brain exercises are very popular because of their effectiveness and the fact that they are side effect free and permanent.

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Anxiety is another major cause of premature ejaculation. This can turn into a catch 22 situation.

When you are involved in the act of love making sexual excitement should steadily increase, chemicals, that is to say hormones are slowly released into the blood stream where they head for the brain. The brain receives signals to gently stimulate nerve endings on the penis. As the sexual excitement grows greater, the production of hormones also grows higher. The greater the production of hormones the closer the point of ejaculation gets.

Because of the complexities involved, the process is not very well understood by many. When ejaculation happens under normal circumstances it is needless to say a very pleasurable experience. Things can and do go wrong and with all the misinformation from adult films and books i.e. huge amounts of seminal fluid being sprayed every where is cause for a lot of confusion and frustration.

Here is a simple method that has worked for many people. If you feel ejaculation is not too far off, see if you can slow your breathing down to be more rhythmic, and try to keep it under control. If you notice how you breathe at various stages of your lovemaking and make a mental note of it the next time you make love you should know what stage you are at.

Here is another tip, relax. If you get your partner to go on top you can relax more easily, thus delaying ejaculation. Try and pay attention to any muscle tension, if present, relaxing the muscle groups should result in delayed ejaculation.

Ejaculation exercises will make you last 10 to 30 minutes longer in bed tonight. End your embarrassment now.

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There are many reasons why a woman fakes orgasms. It's not because they do not wish to have an orgasm but they get put off fast if you rush things and do not give them sufficient time to be aroused.

Just as you need to ejaculate so also does a woman need to orgasm. But if you wish to have sex with her, do not make it an ordeal.

You have not aroused her verbally- You have not aroused her with a compliment or appreciation. Neither have you laid the foundation with some romantic gesture or word to arouse her. But she knows that you want to have sex so she does not wish to disappoint you by refusing it. Hence, she goes through what is more like an ordeal and fakes the orgasm to get over with it.

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The indulgence in sufficient foreplay is missing- You've missed out on the most crucial part of the entire act by shortening the foreplay or perhaps omitting it altogether. Hence she is insufficiently aroused and disinterested in sex.

You might, however, get deceived by the few sighs or screams that she lets out. But if you're clever enough you'll figure out that she has faked the orgasm.

You've not given her sufficient time- You've perhaps hurried or rushed through the entire act and not given her sufficient time to enjoy the entire sexual act. Perhaps she was not even in the mood for sex at that point of time and so faked the orgasm to get over with it.

Did you make the act boring? Have you been careless about how you aroused her and made the foreplay monotonous and boring? And then after you're done you wonder why she's up and about the house busy with unfinished chores!

If you make the act boring and stereotyped she'll never enjoy it. As a result she just fakes the orgasm and leaves you.

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The good news is that after you read these 7 SEX TIPS, you'll be able to give your woman more sexual satisfaction and much better sex tonight...

Sex Tip #1. Stimulate Her Mind Outside The Bedroom

Most men don't realize this, but for a woman -- the sex starts OUTSIDE THE BEDROOM.

The reason I say this is because a woman wants her man to stimulate her mind and make her attracted to him a long time before he takes her to bed.

Consider a time when you take your woman out on a date, for dinner. The better your conversation over dinner -- the more she is going to want you to ravage her later on.

Get it?

Sex Tip #2. Make The First Move

Women are sexually submissive and do not want to 'make the first move'.

So, you (as the man) must INSTIGATE THE SEX.

You must take control and lead your woman in the bedroom.

Sex Tip #3. Don't Skip The Foreplay

Every woman loves foreplay and most men don't do it (or they just rush it).

The idea of foreplay is to spend some time turning your woman on, making her wet, TEASING her and building up her sexual anticipation.

You don't have to be brilliant, good-looking, or well-endowed to have her think you're a sex god... you just have to be 'dumb' enough to follow these step-by-step instructions

Sex Tip #4. Try Something New

Doing the same things every time you have sex is a BAD IDEA because it makes things boring.

The solution is to try something NEW.

A new position, location or technique -- whatever.

Just use your creativity and don't do the same things all the time.

Sex Tip #5. Be A Little Rough

Contrary to what many guys think -- women do like the sex to be a little rough.

Your woman wants to feel like she's in bed with A REAL MAN. So restrain her a little, slap her ass and grab her hair.

She'll love it.

Sex Tip #6. Talk Dirty

To totally sexually satisfy your woman, you simply must TALK DIRTY.

There is no alternative.

Remember this point...

For women, sex is very mental. Therefore, you must engage her mind in the bedroom by talking dirty.

Sex Tip #7. Give Her Vaginal Orgasms

Most guys can give their women clitoral orgasms, but very few make the more powerful VAGINAL ORGASMS a reality for their women.

If you want to totally blow your woman's mind and give her MUCH BETTER SEX -- give her the gift of vaginal orgasms.

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Tactic #1: Shift Your Focus From YOU to HER. Many guys try to get women into bed just to pleasure their penises. You should instead aim to give her the ultimate pleasure instead of just focusing on yours. This is important!

This is a real change of mindset that you will need to adopt. When you are with her, remember to slow down to her speed - women tend to take longer time to get aroused compared to guys. Also, ask her about her preferences when it comes to sexual positions. Most women like Reverse Cowgirl but don't make assumptions.

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Tactic #2: Last The Distance. A common problem with most guys is that they ejaculate very quickly. This leaves their sexual partners high and dry. You have got to develop a special kind of "endurance" so that you are able to bring your partner to orgasm - or she will not be satisfied.

Tactic #3: Develop Emotional Connection. One very little known fact about women is that they find it very much easier to climax with the men that they have developed rapport or emotional connection with. Therefore, before bringing a woman to bed, you must at least developed some kind of emotional connection with her.

Apart from asking her name, get her to talk about stuff which makes her happy (or sad) - so that in the process she feels that she has known you for long. When you have done this, she will be able to climax quicker and easier when the time comes.

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