For all those people who are worried as to how do you get taller here is a piece of good news. It is now possible for you now gain height irrespective of whichever age you are in. Yes that is true!! Even if you have crossed the growing years age limit you can still increase your height and how? It is always advisable that you resort to exercises for increasing your height rather than taking pills, for these may have certain side effects. Though it is but obvious that the best results are sought in the teenage years when one is in the growing but even if somebody has surpassed those years but does the exercises persistently, he or she can see a difference in their heights after doing so.

Given below are a few exercises that will help you in gaining height. However, before you get on to do these exercises; it is advisable that you warm up before them.

# Hanging: This is by far the most popular and common of all the exercises. This is one of the exercises, which helps you but gain height even after puberty. All you are required to do is just hang on a pole. If possible, you can also put some weights around your waist but make sure that you are comfortable while doing so. The males you are required to put hold on a wider grip as it will result in wider shoulders and just in case you are a female, you have to do the reverse. You are required to do this exercise for at least 30 minutes in a week.

# Leg stretch: for this exercises you are required to take hold of a chair and strand on the back of the chair while holding the backrest. You are required to pull your leg backwards while keeping the spine straight and of course, without injuring yourself.

# Bridge: though there are various ways of doing it, this exercise is generally done with back stretching. Though there are flexible few who can perform this process while standing, the rest may require to lie in the on their backs. This is done by putting your hands behind and lifting your body with only legs. This is an exercise, which can be done by lying on your stomach too. Whichever way you are doing so, make sure you are completely comfortable in the process and do not injure yourself.

Not only the above mentioned exercises, but a few of the fun activities like cycling, swimming and jumping will also go a long way on your efforts to increase height.

Author's Bio: 

Aaron Jenkins is a long-time researcher and expert about natural methods to grow taller. For years, he has developed exercise programs, effective diet plans, and guides on helping people to get taller naturally.