Whenever we think of instant skincare the first thing that comes to the mind is wipes. They are the easiest and quickest way to remove dirt anywhere and anytime. There are numerous kinds of wipes available in the market, some promising only to cleanse the face while others designed to help reduce dryness. There are other types of face wipes that are specially designed to not just remove dirt but to help exfoliate the skin instantly. We are talking about exfoliating wipes that are infused with activated charcoal.

Activated charcoal is quite a miracle ingredient that helps to instantly restore the skin, remove dead cells and dirt from deep within the pores. Earlier activated charcoal was mostly used in hospital emergency wards as immediate solutions for treating patients who consumed poison. Activated charcoal is a very good antidote that helps suck out poison immediately. The intensive nature of this ingredient only points towards the fact that it is very effective. Activated charcoal has for the last decade or so become a major ingredient used in beauty products, especially in face scrubs and body scrubs. There are a few beauty brands that have very effectively used it on face wipes with brilliant results.

What Activated Charcoal on Face Wipes Do

Activated charcoal on face wipes helps in numerous ways and here we take a look at some of its uses.

#Deep Cleans - One of the most effective uses of exfoliating wipes is that they help to deep clean the face. Any residual dirt hiding beneath the pores can be instantly wiped off using these wipes. These exfoliating wipes have alpha hydroxy acid(AHA) as a key ingredient which helps to deep clean the skin.

#Removes Makeup - If you are a person who wears makeup on an everyday basis then keeping exfoliating wipes will prove to be very handy. They help to instantly remove surface-level makeup.

#Exfoliates The Skin - As the name of the face, wipes suggests one of the main things that these wipes do is exfoliate the skin instantly, even as you are removing your makeup. Once you wipe your face with these wipes you won’t feel the skin drying up. The presence of glycolic acid helps to moisturize the skin.

Exfoliating wipes are easy to carry and ready to use. You can use them anywhere while on the run. The dual-side wipes help to remove makeup and exfoliate the skin. If you haven’t used this wondrous beauty product yet, you should do so instantly.

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In this write-up, we talk about exfoliating wipes and how they help not just to remove makeup but also to deep clean and exfoliate the skin instantly.