We have all been taught that the formula for clear, beautiful skin starts using a suitable cleanse. But many of our teachers left the fact that so as to maintain our radiant skin, we have to start this formula using regular exfoliation. During the year, our skin goes through changes and is made to adapt to the seasons. To maintain your skin smooth and glowing all year round, exfoliating is the trick to success.

If you want to learn more about the many benefits of exfoliation, read on to discover some intriguing facts and suggestions about exfoliation. From covering the reasons how exfoliation helps keep your skin look younger, to reasons why you should exfoliate before spray tan, we have them all listed below.

  • Should you be afflicted with acne-prone or greasy skin, then washing your face a lot of won't make the petroleum and stains disappear, it will most likely do the reverse. Over exfoliating the skin can set your sebaceous glands into a frenzy, causing them to produce more oil than necessary, and ultimately cause more breakouts to happen. So, stick with exfoliating one or two times a week.
  • With regular exfoliation stems great skin. Not only does this eliminate dead skin, but it also reduces skin discoloration and pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Make certain you don't wash your face too often, and when you do, wash gently. Rubbing too hard and too often will just cause more harm than good to your skin.
  • Some exfoliants have granules with rough edges that can damage the skin. To protect against any harm, make certain that you go for an exfoliant with curved beads instead.
  • Your skin renews itself immediately, so exfoliate your skin from the daytime to slough away any dead skin.
  • Employing a product with lactic acid is a great way to eliminate any damaged layers of skin without having to wash away at your skin.
  • Waxing your face is also a kind of exfoliation. Consequently, if you are planning about waxing an area in your face, make sure you avoid exfoliating your skin prior to and after your wax to stop and damage or discomfort from happening.
  • Before exfoliating, it is important to not forget to take off any makeup and give your skin a suitable cleanse. If you do not, the exfoliant won't be able to provide you the profound clean you are searching for.
  • In case you have acne prone skin or you fall prey to monthly hormonal breakouts, exfoliation is a necessity for you. Regular exfoliating can help gently eliminate the accumulation of dead skin cells that block your pores and cause those annoying breakouts. As you age, you may notice your skin gradually becoming rougher. This is caused by a build-up of numerous layers of dead skin cells that have accumulated over time.
  • If you exfoliate before spray tan, you will get a much much better tan when compared to when you don't exfoliate before spray tan.

Exfoliation is an extremely beneficial skin care procedure, and we all must spend more time exfoliating our skin than any other skin care procedure.

Author's Bio: 

Miriam George is a skin specialist who has come across various skin conditions during her tenure as a skin specialist at major hospitals across the US. Miriam stresses on the importance of exfoliation and how it is a very vital, and often ignore skin care procedure.