We often hear about exhaust headers and coilovers being used in car detailing and customization but many of us are still in the dark when it comes to these two rather popular aftermarket parts. While we can always entrust the installation of these two parts to our mechanic, it still helps if we also have a good idea of what they are so we can better understand what we are paying for and for us to better appreciate the investments that we are making. We do not need to be car experts to know more about what an exhaust header or coilover is - a simple crash course on them would do.

Exhaust headers are after market automotive parts that are designed to improve the performance of our car. The small gain in the performance of the car made possible by an exhaust header is already important to drivers who are after high performance. While there are other ways to increase the speed of a car, adding an exhaust header is one of the first choices being consider because they do not require a lot of work and they can easily fit within our budget.

Exhaust headers modify the exhaust system to prevent back pressure. This means that the cylinders do not have to work hard to push out exhaust gases as they do in traditional systems. An exhaust header can come in different types and they can meet the different needs of drivers. Some are tuned for low performance while others are tune at high performance on the open road.

A coilover, on the other hand, is a type of the MacPherson suspension system. It is short for coil spring over strut and is primarily used to adjust the height of the body of the car from the ground. Some use coilovers to lower the body of the car closer to the ground. Others use it lift the car by a few inches. Coilovers can allow adjustments of up to four inches, whether the adjustment is to lower or raise the body of the car. There are certain coilovers for specific car makes and models, just like Audi TT coilovers.

If we take a look at our options in the market, we can easily become dizzy with all the choices we can have. What is important is for us to select the exhaust headers and coilovers that best meet the needs of our car. And in this case, we can always ask help from our mechanic.

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Using exhaust headers can really change how your car performs. A audi TT coilovers will increase your shock absorption.