25° Libra Full Moon
Total Lunar Eclipse
April 15, 2014 :42am PT
Void of Course

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As the Libra Full Moon goes void of course exactly at the Full Moon the best time for your full moon healing ceremony is when the Full Moon enters Scorpio at 9:20am PT on the same day until the Moon goes void of course on April 17th at :09am PT.

The Libra Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is a wonderful time for focusing on your pure state of consciousness to realize your Divine potential. Only in a pure state of awareness can you manifest that which you intend and visualize for yourself, to actually influence externally what happens. In this space of hyper awareness you transcend your limited sense of self.

The celestial energies constellated at the Libra Lunar Eclipse are helping you to do just that.

Your connection with the Divine Idea of You has the added benefit of expanding your consciousness of connection with others and with all of life!

This pure state of consciousness is being absolutely 100% yourself, including your shadow side and your light side. In this state you are your authentic Self, the Divine idea of you, who you truly are, here and now from moment to moment.

In this pure state you have absolute power to effect reality. In this state you are free of all the dramas, and stories you tell yourself about your everyday life.

The negative stories you tell yourself prevent you from being harmonious and in rhythm with the natural flow for your life. Your negative stories prevent you from enjoying the miraculous gift of your life, the miracle of having a body, living on planet earth, and the incredible opportunity to make what you will of your life experience.

Tapping into this pure state of awareness takes you beyond the beginner’s level of manifesting. Accessing this pure state of awareness allows you to go through the challenges of your life, to remain centered, and in a state of joy, unaffected by external appearances, to gradually manifest all that you desire. Through facing your dragons you develop courage, persistence, focus, and belief in yourself and the world.


Clean sheets of paper
A white candle

Light your candle and focus on the flame. Calm your mind and sit quietly. There is nothing you need do at this moment but be present with your self. Within all of us there is a sacred space. Now is the time to go within to your sacred space and be still. Remember that the light you see is a reflection of the light and pure state of consciousness that dwells within you.

Take a piece of paper and begin to write a list of all your beautiful qualities. Allow yourself to express fully all of your admirable qualities. Your generosity and kindness, your innocence and vulnerability, your courage, your faith and willingness to show up every day, etc. Write everything you most appreciate and admire about yourself onto the paper. After you finish you list take a moment to acknowledge and appreciate your most admirable qualities.

After completing your list of beautiful qualities put the paper aside, and begin writing a list of all your less than admirable qualities. Your unwillingness to listen to another’s point of view, being rude or unforgiving, lying (even white lies), withholding love or approval, judging, cheating, stealing, thinking the worst of a person or situation, etc.

Write everything you can about your smallness of character. Allow yourself to sit with your list to really acknowledge, as well as feel empathy and understanding for your lack of awareness and bring it to the light. Really embrace your darker aspects. See and acknowledge how the darker aspects of your character have served you in some way.

After you have taken time with writing your lists, take them both and throw them away, put them in the garbage, shred them or burn them.

Neither of the lists is YOU, the PURE AND HOLY DIVINE IDEA OF YOU - YOUR PURE POTENTIALITY! Both of your lists are just your opinions about yourself.

Who you are, your I AM presence, is beyond any thought or opinion about yourself. You are neither shadow or light. You are PURE POTENTIALITY, integrated and whole in the light of love and pure awareness.

After completing your Libra Full Moon Healing Ceremony you may feel inspired to take some action. If so listen to your wise heart and take action immediately!

What was your personal experience of this Libra Full Moon? Please feel free to share!

Much love to you at this time. May you truly experience the truth of your Divine perfection and holiness in the light of love and may it expand and grow!

Please like and share this Libra Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Healing Ceremony with others. Thank you!

Until next time…relax, enjoy your life and stay connected.



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