On-demand courier delivery and digitization have gone hand-in-hand. There is one platform that is steadily rising above the charts. Glovo is the reason for this. From being a small startup in 2015, it has expanded to 23 countries now. Entrepreneurs can also enter the e-commerce era by launching a Glovo clone.

Why is a Glovo clone apt for building wealth?

  • The pre-built solution consists of features similar to Glovo. Techpreneurs can also add their brand name and logo depending on the market conditions.
  • Owners of a Glovo clone platform can partner with fast food outlets, liquor shops, grocery stores, pharmacies, provision shops, quick service restaurants (QSR), and supermarkets.
  • Besides that, digipreneurs can add features and functionalities based on the business needs and the changes in market conditions.
  • What does the Glovo like platform include? It contains a filter and search option, a real-time order tracking mechanism, a reordering facility, a rating and review system, and a social media login mechanism.
  • How can entrepreneurs manage their day-to-day business operations? A Rider onboarding dashboard and a retail partner panel would help in real-time monitoring.
  • Delivery executives can register on the Glovo clone platform. They must enter details like their age, location, name, qualification, and work experience. They will get advantages like flexible working hours, freedom in choosing routes for dispatching deliveries, and high earnings based on the number of orders completed over a period.
  • Brick-and-mortar stores must create a business profile on the Glovo clone. They must include details like the country of origin, email address, name of the enterprise, the number of branches, and the type of establishment. They would receive benefits such as consistent brand building, increase in sales and profits, and 24x7 monitoring of orders.

Wrapping Up

Glovo is expanding its presence. It would invest 3.5 million euros in Ghana next year. A fresh funding of 1.7 million euros will help it enter other countries like Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa. Accordingly, entrepreneurs can get hold of a Glovo clone from an app development company and scale up their on-demand delivery business.

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