by Helene Olsen

Congratulations! You have come to that place in your awareness where you accept and recognize your own intuition! Perhaps you would like to become increasingly involved in discovering mysteries and of following a Spiritual path.

In talking with hundreds of clients and groups and classes over many years, I have come to understand that at its most basic point, taking beginner classes in the subjects listed below will expand your awareness further. The basic knowledge and connection you create will lead you to the stream of learning that resonates with you the most.

I also believe that there is no substitute for beginners learning these points from small group classes that meet in person! Energy always connects, and being “in person” brings you face to face with others at your same level of interest. Being there will help you make new friends and create a networking web that keeps building on itself.

Obviously, group classes are not always available in every part of the country. I encourage everyone to use to find Spiritual groups that are meeting in not only large Spiritual centers, but also in coffee shops and people’s personal spaces. If you are absolutely unable to attend classes in person, look on the internet to join forums with like-minded people, where you can make long lasting connections with others. Internet webinars and teleconferences are also another way to connect.

I offer this guidance for beginners:

1. Finding teachers: You are first of all a consumer of goods and services. You wouldn’t think of keeping a product that you purchased and were unhappy with. Why would you spend time and money with a teacher just because someone else resonates with them? Sample teachers and groups for yourself and find those that “feel right”. Do not make apologies and excuses for experiencing new programs and classes as you through your journey, there is a Divine timing and place for all new experiences in your life!

2. Learn to Meditate: It is essential for most people to learn to meditate in order to expand their intuition. Meditation teaches you to let go of personal thoughts and feelings, and then be “open” enough to connect to your higher-self and ultimately, the Universe. Many think that meditation is the practice of sitting cross legged on the floor for hours at a time . . . nonsense! You can learn the technique, and eventually be able to go to that open place of peace in your mind, even if it’s just for a few minutes to center yourself. Lots of people have told me, “I could never learn to meditate”, also nonsense! When you are physically in a group with other people, the group energy will connect very strongly. As the energy is run in the group, you will connect to relaxing and “letting go” with the group dynamic. Beginner meditation is often offered for little or no cost at healing centers, hospitals and community centers.

3. Learn About Your Energetic System: There are many modalities in studying the energetic body. The one I most often recommend is starting with is Reiki level one. Beginning Reiki offers a complete overview of the chakra system, and makes you familiar with “feeling” energy around the body. It also enhances your connection by expanding your crown chakra and connecting you to Divine Light.

4. Learn to use a psychic “tool”: Which tool calls you? Tarot cards, divination/angel/oracle cards, Rune stones, or crystal ball. You can use known tools, or create your own tool. You can “scry” (gaze at) almost any object or group of objects to open your mind and receive information. As a beginner, I suggest that it would be best to start with a tool you can easily practice with other learners and then practice on friends. Learning the tool that you choose is just like going to the gym to improve your physical body. Even practicing a few minutes a day, places your intention on opening your mind to receive information. Just like starting with a one pound weight at the gym, soon, your interpretation starts to expand and more detailed information will come to you in a reading!

Wishing you every joy as you travel your uniquely lit path!

Author's Bio: 

Helene Olsen is a multi-dimensional Psychic Medium who is a regularly featured guest on several internet radio programs and their outlets. She is a featured commentator in the book "Power Crystals" authored by Dr. John DeSalvo, published by Inner Traditions and released March 2012. Helene runs classes, groups & events in the Salem Massachusetts and New England area. You can connect with Helene at her website